Ascetic- Part two
Ascetic- Part two fresh stories

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Bright colourful blobs dashing around, too busy to stop, too busy to enjoy life.

This is just another way to write the same idea to part one:)

Ascetic- Part two

The cool air hits my face as I fly through the air. I soar through the sky, touching clouds made of cotton candy. I breath in the air, so fresh, so clean.

My gaze wanders to the tiny ants they call humans. Bright colourful blobs dashing around, too busy to stop, too busy to enjoy life.

The green space is getting closer and I know my thrill is over. I pull on the strap and glide to the ground. The impact was startling at first.

When my feet touched the earth I was sucked back into reality. My feet started moving as I landed in a run. It felt so peaceful when I was in the sky.

It made my feet numb and made my brain take a break. Now that I'm on earth, my brain is fully running and my feet are wobbly but ready to take on life.

But personally I didn't want to take on life.

In the distance a plane roars above my head, so I wave and smile. The sun blinds my eyes which soon makes me turn my line of sight away. "Hey!" A familiar voice calls from behind me.

I turn abruptly to meet with the face of my mom.

Her homemade sweater is draped around her small frame, her favourite red slippers are warming her feet, and her wrinkles are prominent around her eyes.


She smiles that brilliant white smile of hers, making her face glow. "You are not allowed to be doing these things. You have an ascetic life to live.

Come home so you can study and get good grades for a nice job."

My life? School? This was my life, was it not? Sky diving, scuba diving, partying, that was my life. Or was it really?

I thought suddenly came to me, "What are you doing here mom?" But before she could answer everything got hazy.

I woke up with a startled heart. My heart was beating abnormally and my mind was racing. I rubbed my eyes and finally came to an understanding.

I will never have a hedonistic life. I will never be able to touch the sky, to touch my dreams. Because like my mom said, I have an ascetic life to live.

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