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The steps of my depression.


by tdog16

There once was a girl...

Who was ever so happy.

I was that girl...

Young and innocent.

My face was clean of makeup...

My body was clothed without a care.

Truth behold that nothing gold can stay...

For my spirit was drained.

I was exposed to society and its horrors...

I was bullied so harshly I would cry at night.

I didn't want to get out of bed or go to school.

Day after living became worse.

My face displayed my emotion...

Even though I thought it was hidden beneath the makeup.

I moped around...not having a care of life.

My friends left family was too busy to notice my pain.

I felt worthless...and lonely.

Time passed and people grew concerned over my state.

People started to acknowledge my depression...

So I started to change my matter how hurt, sad, angry, or depressed I was, I hid it.

Instead of hiding behind a wall of makeup...

I hid behind the person everyone wanted me to be...the perfect, angelic, smart girl who was happy.

Now I constantly repeat this...

Go to school get good grades, come home look after my siblings, smile and laugh at everything...

It is an endless cycle of pretending...

Faking my happiness.

While in reality emotions swirl inside a bottle,

locked inside my heart. I still cry every night, and the pain is still raw.

Behind that smile is a frown...

And behind that laugh is a scream...and behind that happiness is sadness...

Appearance is something we judge too quickly...

Because there is more to what lies on the surface.

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