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"I know what you are going through" I stated. The young girl shook her head "No you don't" she croaked....There is always a bump in the road that we all are stuck on, just know that you are not alone.....This is something I struggle with myself so hopefully it's a little motivational.


by tdog16

I walked the busy streets.

The fresh air cooling, nipping at my nose, turing it red. The sweet smell of fresh bread, warming my insides. I took in a deep breath, my life was great.

My feet thudded against the pavement.

Swollen yet slow they moved with no hurry, they moved with purpose. The purpose to walk me through life. The purpose to guide me on the bumpy roads.

My life, I thought.

Oh how it was such a wonderful thing. I lived it with dignity and confidence, compassion and pride. Yes, I have struggled and still am, but that is what makes me stronger to take the next step.

My eyes browse the area around me.

A small child in red pigtails skipping happily around her exhausted mother. A young man peeking at the butt of a broken beautiful girl hiding her pain with makeup.

A stranger giving money to an old homeless man.

Such sad and beautiful things occur along my path of life and theirs. We have a life filled of negativity and a life filled of wonders. Truth is, we need them both.

At the time of horror it may seem like it's the end of the world, but we need those times. We need to know what is bad to know what is good.

It's like if there were no villains then how would we know we needed a hero? Or even if there was one?

I continue to scan the crowded street.

A short man holding hands with a beautiful brunette. A stressed out woman on her phone. And... I stop and peer at this person closely. She has black silky hair and black clothing.

She is abnormally skinny.

Her boney arms clutch her knees bringing her to a huddled ball against the brick wall to my left. Her flesh is cut and scarred. I trudge towards the girl in pain.

I step into her path and combine our lives.

I crouch down and rest a hand on her cold charred flesh. She jumps and scrambles away from my touch. This girl has been hurt to many times before, I thought.

Her eyes are filled with a fresh batch of tears.

And water from previous batches stains her defined cheekbones. Fear fills her eyes and I feel a touch of sympathy for the young girl. I would say she was abaout fourteen.

A fourteen year old should never be this sad and broken.

But you NEVER know what stage people are at in the game of life. For all I know this pour girl is on the brink of death.

"I'm not going to hurt you,"

I lay against the wall, relaxing, "I just want to talk." The girl gawked at me. "I know what you are going through" I stated. The young girl shook her head "No you don't" she croaked.

"Oh yes I do" I replied with truth.

"I know the pain. The way it feels to be treated like trash. The way it feels to be told or even implied that your not pretty, or good enough. I know the pain of loosing someone."

"I know the hurt. I know the way it feels when your

Best friend stabs you in the back, or calls you names. I know the pull that you have to take it out on yourself. To want to hurt yourself, not only to release the pain but so that someone,

Anyone will notice."

I took a deep shaky breath to push down the knot forming. "I know the feeling of depression. How you feel so numb. When your life is only something to survive in, so you put on a mask."

I stared at her.

"I DO know what your growing through, just like millions of people." Her eyebrows furrowed. "There are people all over the world like you, afraid, scared, and hurt.

There are people all over the world who are now strong, but

Once felt what you feel. You may think your alone, you may think that you have to fight this by yourself. Or maybe you feel like you can't fight because your alone.

You are not alone.

If you open up to the world around you, they will find you. If you voice your pain it will disappear. If you tell the world, it will comfort you." The girl gazed at me in awe.

"Have faith my little friend."

And with that I walked off with a smile.

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