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My body relaxes as the website flickers to life....My addiction to commaful.

Addictive Meal

by tdog16

Words are scribbled without meaning before me.

It's a jumble for my brain. My head throbs in pain at the overload of homework. This worksheet feels like it's taking me eternity. Can't it just be done.

I groan in frustration, my eyes land on my phone.

It's blinking screen calling me. I long for it's comfort, it's safety, it's pleasure, it's relaxation. I can just have one peek at my favourite site, and then I'll do the rest of my homework.

I promise myself a promise I can not keep.

I snatch my phone hungry for a snack. The cold surface of my phone is reassuring. The screen flashes through different images as my fingers greedily and hurriedly attack the screen.

My body relaxes as the website flickers to life.

My nerves spinning with desire as my eyes are glued to the bright screen. I see the empty bell, and I'm immediately filled with sorrow. I was so hungry yet it is empty.

Suddenly the bell is filled with the alluring turquoise.

The numbers high just the way I like it. This meal will be thoroughly enjoyable. I click on the number and then impatiently click on the story.

I go through my notifications eating them with pleasure.

The comments comforting and boosting. The numbers addictive.

With my stomach full and my heart blooming,

I slowly click the top button. The phone turns off as I stare at the lonely black surface. Reluctantly I slide my tempting phone face down on my desk. My eyes eventually wonder back to my work.

Reality gradually seeping in my creative mind.

My eyes are focused but my thoughts are not. My thoughts are far away with the fairytales and future. Far away from any possible reality. Ideas jump around, creativity flows.

My mind fuelled by comments and likes.

Storylines form, words mesh, all to catch my next meal, only to repeat.

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