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A story about me writing to an author:)

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by tdog16

Dear greatest author in the world,

Before I rant on I just want to say thank you for actually reading this. That is if you do, which you probably won't. You have so many fans that you probably don't even bother to look at any.

I understand why you probably won't read this.

I'm just a small fish in a big sea, you probably will never even receive this letter. If you actually are reading this you might be wondering why I am writing this then.

Well I'm writing this because I want to.

I'm writing this because there is a slim chance, a 0.1% chance that you might actually read this. I'm writing this for that hope. So I'll actually start this, that is if your actually reading.

I'm just going to kinda introduce myself a little.

So I'm 13. I want to become a bestselling author just like you. I have an amazing family, but sometimes they put a lot of stress on me. My moms in school and so we're kinda broke.

I'm not in the best situation myself.

I'm the usual, heartbroken, lonely depressed, teenage girl that reads to forget about life. And your books are the best way to do that!

You are so amazingly talented that I wonder how you did it.

So if you are reading this and have the time to get back to me on a couple of questions, I would be pleased.

How do you write such beautiful stories?

And do you think that, one day, I might write like you, even with my busy, stressed out life?


Your #1 fan, Thadora.

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