Why "Offending" People Gives Me Joy
Why "Offending" People Gives Me Joy offend stories

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Be "offended"! Be VERY "offended"!

Why "Offending" People Gives Me Joy

by tbanarchy

Anyone who reads my pieces on Commaful-and elsewhere-knows I have NO problem "offending" people.

In fact, one could say I've been "offending" people one way or another for pretty much my whole life.

For instance, when I was a senior in high school I put out these "newsletters" where I went after the school's-and the town's-sacred cows like football & homecoming.

As a result, these rumors got started saying how I was going to burn the school down & kill ALL the seniors at graduation.

Again, this was BEFORE the advent of the Internet and/or especially the advent of so-called social media.

And, of course, I've talked about being "trolled" on sites like Facebook & Twitter because I dared "offended" certain people.

Again, as I've posted before, I've even been told to KILL MYSELF on these sites after posting an "offending" opinion.

I admit, I used to get frustrated in dealing with these "trolls" since I would get "trolled" for 2 or 3 days straight-or longer-for ONE post.

For instance, I got "trolled" on Facebook for-and, no, I'm NOT making this up!-asking if anyone still gave a shit about Lauren Conrad-who starred in a couple of "reality" shows on MTV a number of years ago-when I saw a "trending topic" about her on FB.

One person even "suggested" how Miss Conrad's "existence" was worth MORE than mine. To which I responded by posting a Rick & Morty gif where Rick tells Morty where to stick his opinion. (Hint: It WASN'T in his mouth!)

Of course, the vast majority of these beloved "trolls" are these PCers who-again, as anyone who reads my posts knows all-too-well-I love SO damn much!

It probably goes without saying by now how PCers will get "offended" by ANYTHING. I mean, if you posted "Mary had a little lamb" they would accuse you of "harassing" Mary and try to destroy you in some way usually on sites like-where else!-Twitter.

Which is why I have absolutely NO problem "offending" these PCers (and others!), especially since others will go out of their way NOT to "offend" people and "apologize" for even the slightest "offense".

And I say where's the fucking fun in THAT!

So if ANYONE, PCer or not, wishes to call ME a "racist" or a "sexist" or even a Nazi-whieh, needless to say, they've already DONE-because they got butthurt over something I posted, I say GO FOR IT.

Hell, if they want to use the hashtag #WorseThanHitler when "attacking" yours truly, I say be my fucking guest.

Though, to be honest, I fashion myself MORE as a Mussolini type of guy than Hitler (mainly because it seemed like that Mussolini guy got better tail than Hitler did!).

Are you "offended" and/or "triggered" yet?

Remember . . joy!

And for ANYONE, PCer or no, who tells me to KILL MYSELF after daring to post something that dares "offended" their oh-so-precious sensibilities, I say:


There again, are you "offended" and/or "triggered" yet? Please say YES since that would bring me such JOY like seeing Natalie Portman swap spit with Mila Kunis!

Or seeing Elvira fondling her giant pumpkins!

Or how about THIS? Surely this has got to "offend" and/or "trigger" SOMEBODY!

Come on, work with me, people!

Oh, BTW, one person called me an asshole once on Facebook. As I told them, I'm NOT an asshole but rather a WHOLE ass.

I don't believe in doing ANYTHING halfway!

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