Why My Commaful Page Could Be Labeled "Restrictive"
Why My Commaful Page Could Be Labeled "Restrictive" page stories

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Why My Commaful Page Could Be Labeled "Restrictive"

by tbanarchy

Anyone who reads my pieces on Commaful know that many-or most-of my pieces on here are of an "adult" nature.

As I've put it before, I don't write stuff for kids!

Not that I have an issue with or criticize those who do write stuff for kids on Commaful or elsewhere, of course. It's just something I myself don't usually write on Commaful or elsewhere.

As I've also posted before, I write "erotic" romances and/or lady porn ala 50 Shades Of Grey (although some of my naughty tomes would probably make 50 Shades read like a kids's story!).

Even when I was a kid I was into stuff that would be considered more "adult" in nature such as James Bond films and "war" comics. (Star Wars not withstanding!)

Hell, even one of the very first books I wrote when I was younger WAS a "dirty" book. (And DON'T ask me how "young" I was when I wrote it, OK? OK!)

Will I ever write anything that could be consider "kid-friendly"? To paraphrase the title of the final James Bond flick starring Sean Connery, never say never!

But, for now at least, I don't see myself writing kiddie stories anytime in the forseeable future (unless, of course, you count the superhero "fanfiction" I sometimes write on Wattpad and even THAT stuff is dark!).

To quote from the VERY adult cartoon Black Dynamite: "STFU while grown folks is talkin'!"

And now here's my obligatory "chesty" gif of Elvira. Now if that's NOT "adult" I don't know WHAT is!

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