Why I'm DONE With Ian Miles Cheong
Why I'm DONE With Ian Miles Cheong ian miles cheong stories

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Why I'm DONE With Ian Miles Cheong

by tbanarchy

Ian Miles Cheong, for those who don't know who he is, is a "gamer" & online writer for sites such as The Daily Caller & the now-defunct Heat Street.

I used to actually be a fan of Ian's and agreed with a lot of what he said on Twitter and elsewhere (but, of course, not everything). Not anymore!

The reason why I'm writing about him here-& why I'm "done" with him-is what he-& his "followers" did to me on-where else!-Twitter.

It all started with a tweet from Ian asking "adults" why they watched cartoons intended for children.

I responded by saying how I watched more "adult" animated fare such as Japanese anime & stuff that would NEVER have aired on Saturday morning. I then posted THIS gif.

Ian responded by saying (my paraphrasing) if I watched cartoons for the "tits & ass" that made me a bigger "child" than if I watched Spongebob.


Anyway, I started getting "trolled" by Ian's Twitter followers, one of whom all but accused me of being a "pedophile" & another asking me if I was Peter Pan.

I responded to the latter by saying how the original Peter Pan was a child abductor AND murderer (plus the author who wrote PP was rumored to be a PEDOPHILE himself). So I said I strongly DON'T view myself as Peter. (They DIDN'T respond.)

I also pointed out to Ian & his followers the hypocrisy how they all were giving me shit for watching "adult" cartoons while Ian was himself a "gamer" & how video games are-or used to be-considered JUST FOR KIDS.

For the record, I'm NOT a "gamer" myself-at least not since I was a kid (back when you had to step out of your house if you wanted to play video games)-since I tend to get bored playing video games.

Anyway, someone posted to me how Ian had a history of "hypocrisy" like this online. So I started to do a little research about him and guess what I found?

Ian got BANNED off the site Reddit when it was revealed he was getting paid by other sites to post their content on his page against Reddit's own rules about this behavior.

Ian also falsely accused a YouTuber named KSI of sexually assaulting a girl even though the video KSI posted of the incident proved he DIDN'T sexually assault her.

If THAT weren't enough, Ian actually got into an online argument with the girl when she tried to tell him she WASN'T sexually assaulted by KSI.

But, even more erroneously, Ian once PRAISED HITLER. When confronted about these remarks, he "apologized" by saying he made them because of what he called the "toxic gaming community".

Again, what?

Going back to me watching Japanese cartoons with "tits & ass" in them, I'll admit I'll watch ANYTHING with T & A (the "legal" stuff anyway!)!

As far as I'm concerned, anyone can be into anything they want so long as it's consensual and it DOESN'T involve actual children.

And, yes, that even includes Bronies i.e. grown men who are "into" My Little Pony. (Yes, THAT My Little Pony!)

As John Lennon once said: Whatever gets you through the night!

Going back to Ian, he ended up BLOCKING me on Twitter after I brought up some of his more, shall we say, questionable past activities.

To which I say . . .

Lastly, Ian and anybody else can call me a "child" or anything else they want. But I would like to offer some "advice" to Ian if I may . . .

If you've gone on record PRAISING HITLER, then maybe-just maybe!-you might want to STFU about anyone who likes to watch Japanese cartoons with "tits and ass" in them.

Just a suggestion, Ian!

Besides, I wonder how many who agreed with Ian about what I choose to watch paid money to see the latest Avengers flick which is, of course, BASED ON A COMIC BOOK! Just asking!

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