Why I'm (Almost) Done With Facebook (& Twitter!)
Why I'm (Almost) Done With Facebook (& Twitter!) facebook stories

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"Freedom of speech . . . just watch what you say!"-Ice T

Why I'm (Almost) Done With Facebook (& Twitter!)

by tbanarchy

Facebook recently "aided" the "news" site the Daily Beast with "doxxing" a Facebook user (who shall remain nameless in this piece).

"Doxxing", for those not in the know, is where one publishes the "private" information of someone, such as their home address, usually in order to "intimidate" and/or "bully" them.

So why DID Facebook "aid" the Daily Beast with "doxxing" this particular person (who, again, shall remain nameless)? Were they a wanted fugitive or a suspected terrorist?

Nope! The reason why FB and TDB "doxxed" this particular person was because-and, no, I'm NOT making this up!-THEY POSTED A MEME MOCKING NANCY PELOSI!!!

Facebook has also in recent weeks banned a number of people whom THEY regard as, as FB calls them, "dangerous individuals" (which I will get more into in a bit).

Not only that, but recent published reports claim that Facebook will also label users as a-again, as FB calls them-"hate agent" even for calling certain people "stupid" or "ugly" or even a "fraud".

"Hate agent" sounds like a cheesy-ass James Bond villain, doesn't it?

Again, according to reports, Facebook will also "spy" on users when they're NOT on FB to see if they engage in any "hateful" activity such as even TALKING to a person THEY deem as-you guessed it!-"hateful".

Kind of like how during the height of McCarthyism one would get accused of being a "communist" by the House Un-American Activities Committee if they "associated" with anyone who was already deemed a "commie".

The HUAC, BTW, was created in 1938 to "investigate" alleged "disloyalty" and/or "subversive activities" by private citizens, public employees and those organizations suspected of either being "communists" or of being "sympathetic" to them.

Today, thanks to "woke" sites like Facebook (and Twitter!), people-usually on Facebook (and Twatter!)-accuse and/or try to destroy those of being "dangerous Individuals" and/or "hate agents" if they dare say the "wrong" thing.

Same shit. Different smell!

And, speaking of shit, Twitter's "woke" CEO Jack Dorsey announced a while ago that his "woke" site would also "spy" on users even when they're NOT on Twatter to see if they engage in any . . . well, you know!

There again, according to reports, Facebook's "Hate Agent Policy Review" is allowed to go back as far as a couple of years to see if a user has posted ANYTHING on FB that can be even remotely considered . . . again, YOU know!

"Hate Agent Policy Review". Sounds rather Orwellian, DOESN'T it? (George Orwell is the guy who wrote the rather prophetic novel "1984".)

Here's a question: How many Facebook users can actually remember WHAT they posted a couple of days ago much less a couple of years?

I mean, stuff that a couple of years ago no one in their right mind would consider "hateful" is NOW deemed by our Big Tech Overlords as being . . . once again, YOU know!

And, if Facebook DOES ban your "hateful" ass for "hateful" shit you posted a couple of years ago (and forgot about!), chances are you won't know since FB won't tell you WHY they're banning your "hateful" ass!

Here's the deal: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has made millions of BILLIONS of dollars "selling" the "private" info of Facebook users to advertisers.

But, now, if a Facebook user dares post something that Mark Zuckerberg finds the least bit "hateful", he will not only BAN you from his pathetic site but he will publicly shame you as "dangerous" and/or a "hate agent".

And, if Mr. Zuckerberg CAN'T label you as being "dangerous" and/or "hateful", he will "aid" sites like the Daily Beast in DOXXING your "dangerous" and/or "hateful" ass, right, Mark?

All of THIS is why I'm (almost) done with using Facebook as I hardly post anything anymore on the site or else take the chance of being labeled either "hateful" or "dangerous" or BOTH.

The ONLY reason I keep using FB at all is because there are actually people on the site I enjoy interacting with (who are, of course, NOT the dozens of useless AND worthless trolling SHITBAGS whom I've "dealt" with).

Plus I don't wish to give Mark Zuckerberg anymore money. I mean, if he's going to sell off MY "private" info, then I feel he should PAY my ass, if you know what I mean!

Hell, it's no wonder Facebook has lost an estimated 15 MILLION users within the past couple of years! Twitter, by comparison, lost an estimated 9 MILLION users.

And yet, despite their decreasing number of users, BOTH of these sites are STILL raking in MILLIONS of dollars. Kind of makes one wonder, DOESN'T it?

Now some, of course, will no doubt say they DON'T have to worry about Facebook (or Twitter!) labeling THEM as being "hateful" since they DON'T post anything that would be considered "hateful".

Yeah, and I'm sure that FB user thought they were "safe" too. That is, until they saw their "hateful" asses DOXXED on the front page of the Daily Beast for daring to post a meme mocking Nancy Pelosi!

As for Facebook's "dangerous individuals" list, I know who would be at the top of MY "dangerous individuals" list:

BTW, the Supreme Court itself has ruled that not only is there NOT a so-called "hate speech" exemption to the First Amendment but that it's also LEGAL to mock public figures, including-and especially!-politicians.

Regarding the latter, they even made a damn movie about it!

All this shit kind of makes one long for the days of MySpace, don't it?

Still want to join Facebook (and let's NOT forget Twitter!) NOW, folks?

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