Why I Hate So-Called Political Correctness
Why I Hate So-Called Political Correctness woke stories

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"Woke" THIS!

Why I Hate So-Called Political Correctness

(AND "Wokeness"!)

by tbanarchy

Anyone who reads my pieces on Commaful or who "follow" me on so-called social media know if there's ONE thing I truly despise it's so-called political correctness.

George Carlin once described political correctness as "fascism pretending to be manners".

I myself would go one step further and describe it as "propaganda pretending to be manners".

Political correctness has been interjected into EVERYTHING nowadays, including politics, entertainment, the media, even sports.

Now, before I go any further, let me just state for the record I have no problem with some of the ideas "supported" by those claiming to be politically correct such as "diversity" and "inclusiveness" and "tolerance" and such.

But these concepts have been so "weaponized" by the PCers that every time I ever hear the words "diversity" & "inclusion" & "tolerance" & whatnot my bunghole starts to clench.

Anytime anybody dares to disgaree with the PCers even in the slightest that's when the trolling, the doxxing and, yes, even the DEATH THREATS on sites like-where else!-Twitter come out.

Hell, people have even lost their jobs over this PC bullshit. (What say YOU, Roseanne?)

As always, one of the things that gets to me most about so-called political correctness and those who espouse it is the blatant hypocrisy surrounding it.

For instance, a PCer on-where else!-Twitter responded to a joke tweet I made about former PC "hero" Caitlyn Jenner by implying how Caitlyn wasn't a "real" woman.

I looked on their Twitter page and saw it was filled with the typical "anti-Trump" PC BS that you see on ALL the PCers so-called social media pages, especially on-where else!-Twatter. (That was a deliberate misspelling, BTW.)

I responded by telling this PCer how I thought it was un-PC to say a transgendered woman wasn't a "real" woman. This PCer responded again and THIS time they used the word "trannies" in their tweet.

So I again responded by saying to said PCer how I thought it was non-PC to call those who were transgendered "trannies". So far said PCer HASN'T yet responded back.

Which really DOESN'T surprise me since these PCers, while they speak of "diversity" and "inclusion" and "tolerance" and shit, go on sites like-where else!-Twitter and say how much they "hate" THIS guy and/or his "supporters" (of which I'm NOT one, BTW).

It's kind of like how "actress" Alyssa Milano always brags about how "woke" she is & goes after ANYONE who dares not share in her "wokeness" like those Covington boys who supposedly mocked that old Native-American guy in that "viral" video . . .

While she blatantly profits from selling WASHINGTON REDSKINS football jerseys to other "woke" women!

I also pointed this out to Her Wokeness Herself on Twitter-and even included the link to the Change.org petition telling her to stop selling said WR jerseys-but she, like her fellow "trannies" PCer, has yet to respond back.

All THIS just goes to show how all these "woke" PCers DON'T even believe in their own PC "woke" bullshit! Of course, that WON'T stop them from coming after YOUR "racist" & "sexist" ass if YOU claim NOT to be as "woke" & as PC as THEM.

Hell, these PCers will even go after those who kiss their "woke" asses. Just ask Caitlyn, Amy Schumer and, more recently, Bernie Sanders and Howard Schultz-the "woke" CEO of Starbucks-whom the PCers are after because he's supposedly "helping" THIS guy be "voted" president again.

This all reminds me of an episode of Married With Children when Al Bundy asks Waylon Jennings what to do about all the PC BS back in the ultra-PC 90s. To which WJ strummed his guitar and sang, "Nothing!"

Actually, there IS one thing people can do to "combat" the "woke" tactics of the PCers, which is: DON'T APOLOGIZE!!!!

Whenever you "offend" one of these "woke" PCers (and it, of course, doesn't take MUCH to "offend" one of these PCers!) & they DEMAND an "apology", again, DON'T APOLOGIZE!!!!

Hell, they even get "offended" by the APOLOGY! Seriously, you CAN'T appease these people! So WHY even try? (Again, what say YOU, Roseanne?)

That's probably why NONE of these PCers have EVER asked me for an "apology". And that's probably because I don't give a shit if I "offend" their "woke" asses or not.

Hell, sometimes-well, okay, MOST of the time!-I even try to "offend" their oh-so-precious sensibilities! And, again, that's NOT hard to do! In fact, if you want to "offend" a PCer, all you have to do is say the following TWO words to them:

Listen, the bottom line is, if people want to be politically correct in their lives, that's fine with me. But what's NOT fine with me is when they attack you and even try to destroy you when you're not PC (or at least what they claim to be PC).

And that's what I think I hate MOST about these bastards.

And it probably goes without saying that I'm not going to "apologize" to saying THAT.

I swear, these PCers are JUST as annoying to deal with as all those "religious" people I've dealt with over the years who've told me I'm going to HELL if I dare tell them I don't "believe" what they claim to "believe" in.

The PCers, of course, call you a "sexist" and/or a "racist" if you dare "disagree" with THEM.

Holy shit!

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