Who Has The True "Power" In Our Society Today?
Who Has The True "Power" In Our Society Today? power stories

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Here's a hint: It rhymes with "Titter joke rob"!

Who Has The True "Power" In Our Society Today?

by tbanarchy

You want to know WHO has the true "power" in our so-called society nowadays?

No, it's NOT politicians or CEOs. Hell, it's NOT even THIS guy!

Give up!


This was VERY evident during the recent Democratic presidential debates when it was clear the candidates were blatantly pandering to that-you guessed it!-Twitter "woke" mob.

Which, when you think about it, really ISN'T so surprising since EVERYONE seemingly bends over for this Twitter "woke" mob.

And that's at least partly because that "offending" the Twitter "woke" mob can cost someone their livelihood and upend their life.

A simple online search can VERY easily show those who have been all but destroyed by the Twitter "woke" mob.

And the Twitter "woke" mob do it ALL with a sadistic glee and a smug sanctimony.

This is no doubt the reason WHY you see countless people cowering before the Twitter "woke" mob and begging for their "forgiveness" for even the slightest "offense".

And why EVERYTHING now-from politics to so-called entertainment and even sports-is made to placate the Twitter "woke" mob.

And, of course, is why most everything SUCKS.

This is done even though the Twitter "woke" don't really buy anything. In fact, they usually end up COSTING the very businesses and/or coporations who try to placate them MONEY.

And yet these businesses and/or corporations along with seemingly everyone ELSE keeps trying to placate and/or bend over for this Twitter "woke" mob.

Not only that, but a recent report recently came out saying 10% of Twitter users compose 80% of ALL tweets.

So, given all THAT, I ask how conceivable is it that we've apparently given SO much power to an apparently SMALL group of people?

I mean, isn't that how FASCISM gets started?

Just asking.

It's like what the late Ronnie James Dio said in the song "Mob Rules" by Black Sabbath:

"If you listen to fools, the mob rules!"

And it's like what Jello Biafra-who's now apparently "woke" himself-said in the song "Chickenshit Conformist Like Your Parents" by the Dead Kennedys:

"Unity is bullshit when it's under someone's fat boot!"


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