WHEN BEAUTY MEETS THE BEAST (A Modern Beauty & The Beast Tale)
WHEN BEAUTY MEETS THE BEAST (A Modern Beauty & The Beast Tale) beautyandthebeast stories
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WHEN BEAUTY MEETS THE BEAST (A Modern Beauty & The Beast Tale)

by tbanarchy

She was feeling groggy as she finally awoke.

Her head was pounding as she sat up. She held her head as she gazed around her surroundings. She was in a dimly lit room and was laying on this small cot. She thought she was alone in the room.

Then she saw him.

He was sitting across from her in the darkest part of the room. She wondered if he was doing this on purpose so she wouldn't see him. "Hello," she said to him. He was silent. "Where am I?"

"You're in my home," he finally responded.

"I'm Kat," she said, trying to make conversation with him. He was silent for a moment. Then he finally said, "I'm Vincent." "Hello Vincent." "Why are you here?" he asked her brusquely.

She thought about the events that brought her down there.

"The last thing I remember is being chased by two men." "Did you know these men?" "No." She shook her head, which was still aching. "I'd never seen them before. They just started following me."

"That still doesn't answer my question," he said.

"Why are you in my home?" She figured by "home" he meant the tunnels underneath the city she thought had been abandoned. The two men chased her down into the tunnels where she tried to lose them.

At first she thought she had lost them.

But then one of them hit her behind her head with his gun. She fell down to the ground and stared up at both of them who were staring down at her. She felt herself on the verge of passing out.

She believed she was about to be killed by these men.

Then suddenly she heard what sounded like a big animal behind them. But then she saw the figure of a man standing behind them. But her eyesight was becoming increasingly fuzzy so she wasn't sure.

She heard the two men screaming before she passed out.

"Vincent," Kat said to him, "are there any animals down here?" "No, there are no animals," he said, pausing. "There's only me." Surely it wasn't Vincent who rescued her from those men. Or was he?

"Vincent," she then said, "why are you down here?"

He paused again. "I can only live down here." "But why?" she pressed him. "I have . . . an affliction." "An affliction? What kind of affliction? Is it contagious?" "No. It affects . . . only me."

"But w-" she began to say but then Vincent erupted in anger.

"ENOUGH QUESTIONS!!!!" Kat immediately shut up when Vincent started to rise up and she saw two glowing red eyes staring at her from where he was sitting. Then she heard that familiar growling.

She realized then it was Vincent who had saved her.

The red eyes dissipated as Vincent settled back down. "I'm sorry," he told her softly. "I shouldn't have lost my temper." "Is that part of your . . . affliction?" she asked him just as softly.

He paused once more before admitting to her, "Yes."

"I'm so sorry, Vincent," she said in a apologetic tone. Vincent only grunted a response. It was as if he was surprised anyone would take pity on him. There was an awkward silence between them.

Then suddenly Vincent arose, keeping his head covered.

He began to step out of the room when Kat said, "Wait, we are you going?" He briefly stopped and, without looking at her, said, "I have . . . things to do. You can find your way out."

"What if those men are still out there?" she asked him.

"You do not need to worry," he assured her. "Those men are gone and they will never bother you again." "How do you know they're gone?" "I just . . . know." Something told her not to press him.

Vincent again began to walk out of the room.

"Thank you, Vincent," Kat said, "for saving me." Vincent stopped again. It looked like he was trying to figure out what to say, if anything, & then said, "You might want to get checked out."

"Why's that?" "You might have a concussion."

That peaked her curiosity. "Were you once a doctor or something?" "Yes, I was," he said, surprising her. He lowered his voice and added, "In another lifetime." There was another awkward pause.

Then Vincent abruptly walked out.

"Goodbye, Vincent!" she called out to him. Vincent didn't respond, which didn't surprise Kat. Somehow she knew this would't be the last time she saw Vincent. It wouldn't be the last time at all.

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