Whatever Happened To Moon Martin?
Whatever Happened To Moon Martin? seventies stories

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Whatever Happened To Moon Martin?

by tbanarchy

Moon Martin is a singer/songwriter whose biggest claim-to-fame was that he wrote the classic rock song "Bad Case Of Lovin' You" which was a huge hit for the late singer Robert Palmer.

I discovered Moon Martin on-where else!-Spotify where I heard his unique version of "Bad Case Of Lovin' You". I at first believed he was remaking the song before I learned he had written it.

Besides "Bad Case Of Lovin' You", Moon also had hits of his own in the 70s & 80s with songs like Rolene, Bad News & X-Ray Vision, though they weren't near as popular as "Bad Case Of Lovin' You".

I looked up Moon Martin on-where else!-Wikipedia to try to find some more information on him and found he apparently hasn't recorded an album since 1999. I don't know what he's done since then.

I actually like Moon Martin's music the more I listen to it. He had a unique sound as well as look. I think it's kind of a shame his music didn't catch on more than it did, especially in the US.

I suggest checking out Moon Martin's music on Spotify and/or YouTube for yourself. You may like it, you may not. But I think you'll most definitely agree that his sound was in fact unique.

Also check out the music video for Moon Martin's song "X-Ray Vision" on YouTube which was a hit on MTV in the early-80s back when the "music" channel was STILL known for playing, well, music.

Oh, in case you were wondering, Moon Martin got the name "Moon" because he used the word moon in many of his songs. Makes sense! He also probably felt it played into his whole "futuristic" vibe.

Hey, it beats the hell out of listening to that Justin Bieber all the damn time! (Oh, am I gonna catch hell for saying THAT!)

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