Whatever Happened To Elizabeth Kaitan?
Whatever Happened To Elizabeth Kaitan? cinema stories

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Whatever Happened To Elizabeth Kaitan?

by tbanarchy

Elizabeth Kaitan is a model-turned-actress who starred in a number of movies-mostly topless!-during the 80s & 90s.

These, of course, are the types of movies you'd, uh-hum, watch every weekend on Cinemax (a.k.a. Skinemax!)!

Elizabeth starred in mostly B-movies such as Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity, Roller Blade Warriors: Taken By Force & Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2.

Her most "famous" movies were probably Assault Of The Killer Bimbos & the Friday the 13th flick The New Blood.

Interestingly enough, some-or many-have accused the "classic" film Thelma & Louise of being a rip-off of Assault Of The Killer Bimbos since the plots of the films are SO similar.

Anyway, going back to Elizabeth, her last film appearance was back in 1999, according to Wikipedia.

She also appeared in a couple of documentaries about Friday the 13th in 2009 & 2013 (as herself, of course!).

Exactly why Elizabeth stopped doing films altogther I can't rightly say.

In her interview in Femme Fatales magazine, she conceded she'd probably be a bigger movie star but admitted she lacked the ambition to become one.

In any case, I was a fan of Elizabeth Kaitan when she was doing movies. I especially liked that raspy voice of hers!

And, of course, her being topless in many-or most-of her flicks DIDN'T hurt either!

I would probably watch a film starring Elizabeth Kaitan today if she ever decided to start doing (topless!) movies again.

I'm sure it would beat watching the latest "cinematic" dreck from the likes of Amy Schumer! (Whom I used to be a fan of, BTW.)

And DON'T get me started on Lena Dunham! (Whom I've NEVER been a fan of, BTW!)

Yep, I went THERE!

Here's an update: Since I initially posted this piece this guy on Twitter named "Fred" informed me Elizabeth is now working in a law firm. Just thought you'd like to know!

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