What Am I "Enthusiastic" About?
What Am I "Enthusiastic" About? pc stories

tbanarchy Sometimes serious, mostly snarky author.
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I'm SO "enthusiastic"!

What Am I "Enthusiastic" About?

by tbanarchy

So what am I "enthusiastic" about these days?

To be brutally honest, NOT much.

Entertainment sucks.

Politics suck.

The media DEFINITELY sucks.

So why DOES most everything SUCK nowdays?

While there are a number of reasons why most everything SUCKS today, one of the MAIN reasons is because of the useless AND worthless PCers Corporate American AND everyone else, it seems, is trying to "pander" to.

Even though these useless AND worthless PCers DON'T buy anything since they want EVERYTHING for free.

That's why they "supported" THIS guy! (Or at least they USED to!)

So why IS Corporate America and seemingly everyone else trying to "appease" these useless AND worthless PCers so much?

Beats the shit out of me!

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