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Weird Teen Crap

by tbanarchy

"Smells Like Nirvana" by Weird Al Yankovic

This is Weird Al's parody of the hit 90s song "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by 90s grunge rockers Nirvana. When asked why he wanted to do the parody, Al said because you couldn't understand the song.

I Was a Teenage Werewolf starring a teenage Michael Landon

Before Bonanza, Little House On the Prairie & Highway To Heaven, the late Michael Landon starred in this old B & W "horror" film I Was a Teenage Werewolf. Not one of his more memorable roles!

Teen Wolf Too

The first Teen Wolf starred Michael J. Fox & was a hit. Then came the sequel starring Jason Bateman & wasn't as, shall we say, memorable as the first one. (But, then again, sequels rarely are!)

Alyssa Milano's Teen Steam Workout Video

Back in 1988 Who's the Boss? teen actress Alyssa Milano came out with her very own workout video. Someone thought it was a "good idea" for a 15-year-old girl to do a leotard-clad workout video.

Boy Bands

Never having been a teenage girl I've never really understood the "appeal" of so-called boy bands. I mean, 5 teen boys singing "suggestive" songs to hormonal teen girls. What's weird about THAT!


So Twilight is about a weird teen girl who has the hots for a "sparkly" vampire-who's also a stalker-& a "hunky" wolf & decides to go with the "sparkly" vampire & they have a creepy-looking kid.

Teen Spirit Deodorant

Again, having never been a teen girl, I never used Teen Spirit. TS saw a resurgance in popularity after the Nirvana song "Smells Like Teen Spirit" came out. Now it only comes in two fragrances.

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