Useless Sh!t For Rich A**holes
Useless Sh!t For Rich A**holes use stories

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Useless Sh!t For Rich A**holes

by tbanarchy

So Gucci has put out these sneakers for about 800-900 smackers that already look like they are dirty like they were dunked in mud and/or shit.

Just think, I stepped in all that mud and dog shit FOR FREE.

Before that, Nordstrom came out with their own "mud-covered"-otherwise called "distressed"-jeans for over 400 bucks a pop.

I remember when I was a teen back in the 80s-back during the Dark Ages!-ripped and/or stonewashed jeans were all the rage with the kids, as they say.

I tried to rip a pair of old jeans I had myself so I could look "cool" like the other kids and I ended up cutting the shit out of my thumb with the knife like a dumbass. (Ah, memories!)

But if any rich asshole wants to buy a pair of those Gucci "shit-covered" shoes, instead of shelling out 800-900 bucks for a pair of them, I'd gladly shit on a pair of shoes for you for about 80-90 bucks a pop.

I'm NOT proud!

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