Why Star Wars: The Force Awakens Maybe WASN'T As PC As J.J. Abrams Led Everyone To Believe
Why Star Wars: The Force Awakens Maybe WASN'T As PC As J.J. Abrams Led Everyone To Believe movies stories

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Why Star Wars: The Force Awakens Maybe WASN'T As PC As J.J. Abrams Led Everyone To Believe

by tbanarchy

Was TFA as "progressive" as director J.J. Abrams insisted?

J.J. Abrams proudly boasted how his SW movie TFA was the MOST politically correct of all the SW films. Let's see how true THAT is using the PCers very own "standards" of political correctness.

Female stormtroopers show women CAN be mass murderers too!

In the first ten minutes of TFA the stormtroopers, including the female ones, massacre an entire village. I guess J.J. thought men had been cornering the mass murderer market for TOO long!

The main POC character in TFA Finn was . . . a JANITOR?!

Lando was head of his own city AND owned the Falcon. Mace Windu was one of the BADDEST Jedis ever. And Finn once "worked" in . . . "sanitation" instead of, say, head of security like Han thought.

"Rey was the FIRST strong female in Star Wars EVER!"

There were many PCers who actually said THIS about the character Rey. So sorry Princess Leia and her mother Padme, along with all the OTHER female Jedi/Sith, you gals SUCK according to the PCers!

The female boss was treated like trash . . . LITERALLY!

After Han and Finn were finished "using" Captain Phasma, the female head of the stormtroopers, they threw her down a garbage chute. I repeat: THEY THREW THE WOMAN DOWN A GARBAGE CHUTE! Whoops!

The "villain" Kylo Ren was a whiny "sensitive" Emo type.

I'm not sure if this was intended to be PC or not. But at least when Grandpa Vader got pissed off at someone he did the badass thing and Force-choked them to death instead of throwing tantrums!

Rey did A LOT of crying & hugging . . . SEXIST!

For someone touted by the PCers as being "strong" & "independent" Rey sure DID cry & hug a lot, especially after Finn & Han "rescued" her. I mean, Leia DIDN'T shed a tear when Alderaan blew up!

(Most) Asians in the film were gangsters . . . AGAIN.

While there was ONE Asian fighter pilot for the Rebels, uh, I mean, the Resistance, the majority of the Asian actors in TFA were-you guessed it!-bad guys, specifically the "violent" gangsters.

Han Solo was WAY too non-PC for THIS film.

I'm frankly surprised J.J. DIDN'T make Han Solo an overly "sensitive" type. Instead, he was JUST as politically incorrect as he EVER was. Of course, Han DID get sliced in half by his "whiny" son!

Rey could do everything BUT know to turn off the gun safety.

Fly the Millennium Falcon? No problem! Fight off baddies all at once? Sure, why not! Not knowing you're supposed to turn off the damn safety BEFORE you can fire a blaster? Well, nobody's perfect!

Why WOULD The First Order be politically correct anyway?

The First Order are VILLAINS who committed about three or four acts of mass murder in TFA so why WOULD the PCers be cheering THEM on for being more "inclusive"? Wouldn't they be the OPPOSITE?

Did anyone catch the "similarities" between BB-8 & Vincent?

I couldn't help but notice how BB-8 in TFA looked "similar" to the robot Vincent in the film The Black Hole (also from Disney). This really has nothing to do with PC but I thought I'd include it.

Did Luke Skywalker look old or WHAT? (I know, AGEIST!)

While Han Solo looked rather grizzled in TFA, Luke looked FAR older. Yikes! I guess it's true what Yoda said to him after all: "When 900 years old you will reach look as good you will not!"

So WAS Star Wars: The Force Awakens PC or NOT?

In the end, I'm not entirely sure. I will say that TFA seemingly got away with stuff no other movie could have; again, using the PCers OWN "criteria" for what THEY deem as political correctness.

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