Today's Story Challenge Is . . . Banana Split?
Today's Story Challenge Is . . . Banana Split? fruit stories

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Today's Story Challenge Is . . . Banana Split?

Or: Banana Splits: They're NOT Just For Eating Anymore!

by tbanarchy

When I saw the story challenge was "banana split" my initial reaction was, "Really, Commaful?"

Of course, I like-like many others-enjoy eating banana splits, although I haven't eaten one in eons.

But, upon further research, I found that banana splits aren't just a tasty dessert.

The Banana Splits was also the name of a wacky-ass kids show that aired back in the late-sixties (before even MY time!).

With names like Fleegle & Snorky, it showed the characters both in cartoon & costumed. (I wonder, were these the FIRST "furries"?)

Of course, with it being the 60s, I'm sure the writers of the show had a little, um, help in writing the show, if you know what I mean!

And it probably goes without saying "banana split" is also slang for a number of VERY fascinating sexual acts and/or positions.

You can, of course, find them ALL, uh-hum, described on the site Urban Dictionary. You can, of course, look them up for yourself. (If you DARE!)

You've been WARNED!

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