To Game Or NOT To Game . . . That Is The Question!
To Game Or NOT To Game . . . That Is The Question! old stories

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Dig THAT title!

To Game Or NOT To Game . . . That Is The Question!

by tbanarchy

I haven't been a "gamer" since I was a kid back when you had to step OUT of your house if you wanted to play video games.

(Yep, I'm THAT old!)

As I've gotten older, I've found video games to be, well, boring. I once tried playing my friend's X-Box over at his house and I got bored with it after only a few minutes of playing it.

That being said, I have once in a blue moon played old games I used to play like Centipede-which was one of my favorites-on Google Chrome (which they don't seem to have anymore).

Like I said, there WAS actually a time if you wanted to play a video game you actually had to go to places called arcades where you dropped in your quarter-or token-and voila!

There were video game consoles back then like the Atari 2600 and Atari 5200 gaming systems. I myself had the latter which had MUCH better graphics than the 2600.

Nowadays those systems look WAY primitive compared to gaming systems like X-Box & Playstation.

But I prefer the "simplicity" of those old games where you DIDN'T have to sit through an entire storyline just to shoot down some bad guys and/or blow stuff up.

The last video game system I had fun playing was my younger sister's Nintendo 64 she got for her birthday back when she was a kid.

But then, I can remember the time when about the ONLY video game people could play was Pong. (Could you imagine how kids today would "react" playing THAT game?)

(Again, I'm THAT old!)

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