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Things That "Delight" Me

by tbanarchy

I admit, there aren't too many things I do take actual "delight" in nowadays.

And some-or many-of the things I've taken "delight" in before have been all but ruined with PC BS like Star Wars & James Bond (as I've, of course, harped about ad nauseam).

Of course, I'm both a "cynic" and a "contrarian" by nature, so there's that as well.

I liken it to that South Park episode "You're Getting Old" where the character Stan turns 10 and everything all of a sudden looks and sounds like literal shit.

Again, I'm old enough to recall the time when "googling yourself" and "going viral" had entirely DIFFERENT meanings.

So what does actually "delight" me these days? Here's a list of a few of these things:

Writing & Music

As I've mentioned before (ad nauseam!), I'm a published author who plays a little guitar. If it wasn't for music & writing I'd probably be in a looney bin somewhere of maybe twiddling my thumbs in a ditch.


I like "creating" things like posting snarky and sometimes serious pieces on Commaful. In fact, I can have about 2 or 3 "projects" running around in my head at any given moment.

Dark & "Smutty" Shit

I've always been attracted to things that some-or many-would consider "dark" or non-mainstream (which is one of the reasons why I, uh-hum, enjoy so-called porn and/or sexual stuff that's considered "smutty").

Of course, when I say I'm into "dark" and/or "smutty" stuff I mean the stuff that's LEGAL. I don't want people thinking I'm like Bill Cosby or that Jared the Subway guy or anything like THAT!

Some, of course, would say they take "delight" in being around other people. There again, as I've also harped on before (ad nauseam!), I think people by & large SUCK.

Oh, and as anyone who reads my pieces on Commaful on a regular basis knows (seriously, what the hell's wrong with you people!), I take "delight" in telling people-especially holier-than-thou people like the PCers & "religious" people (same diff!)-to . . .


Oh yeah, I also take great "delight" in seeing Elvira and her giant pumpkins!

To paraphrase the late Sam Kinison, three things that I take "delight" in are writing, music (save for fucking Opera!) and a really good fap! (And NOT necessarily in THAT order!)

Speaking of Sam Kinison, have you noticed we really don't have too many shit-stirrers around anymore? This is in part due to all the PC BS that's going around today and people don't wish to "offend" anyone. (Fuck you, uh, I mean thank you, PCers!)

Even the people who USED to be shit-stirrers are now-you guessed it!-politically correct. (And, yes, I'm looking at YOU, Sarah "Blackface" Silverman!)

Frank Zappa, George Carlin, Bill Hicks, Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor and, yes, Sam Kinison must be rolling in their graves right about now!

There was that Milo guy but the PCers went after him the same way they went after that Andrew "Dice" Clay back in the "uber"-PC 90s so there you go!

That's another thing I take "delight" in in that I'm hoping in my own VERY small way to be a shit-stirrer myself.

That and I'd also like to write a lady porn book that makes a shit-ton of money like those 50 Shades Of Grey books!

Hey, a perv can dream, CAN'T he!

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