Things That Are "Serious" (Or Not!)
Things That Are "Serious" (Or Not!) funny stories

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Things That Are "Serious" (Or Not!)

by tbanarchy

Yahoo Serious

Yahoo Serious is that spikey-haired Australian guy who did that "comedy" that was popular years ago about-who else!-Einstein but that nobody remembers today. (Surprising with a name like THAT!)

Desperate But Not Serious

This is a hit song by 80s "alt" rocker Adam Ant (& The Ants!) who is most known for his other hit Goody Two Shoes. Nowadays the only thing Adam is "desperate" for is another hit! #IWentThere

The Day The Clown Cried

This is an unreleased 70s flick starring & directed by legendary "funnyman" Jerry Lewis about a clown imprisoned by the Nazis during WWII who leads Jewish children to their deaths. Heilarious!

Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial

Sarah McLachlan is a singer who's probably BEST known for those super-depressing dog abuse commercials. You know, the ones that make you want to slit your wrists even if you don't like dogs.


In the movie Almost Famous there's a line about "Rock Geniuses" about rockers who sanctimoniously believe their "music" can change the world. And who's MORE "Rock Geniusey" than U2 frontman Bono!

Lena Dunham's "serious" nudity

Actress or activist (or whatever the PC hell she is!) Lena Dunham once reportedly said her being nekkid SO often on her now-defunct HBO show Girls was her "gift" to the universe. Re-gifted!

One more thought about being "serious". (Seriously!)

So, as you can tell from this list, there are things that are "serious" & things-& people!-who go out of their way to be "serious". But, as The Joker says, sometimes we must ask ourselves . . .

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