The Zit (A Horror Story)
The Zit (A Horror Story) zit stories

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Clive Barker, eat your heart out!

The Zit (A Horror Story)

by tbanarchy

Bob woke up one morning and went into his bathroom like he did every morning.

When he looked into the mirror above his sink, he noticed a small zit in the middle of his forehead.

He popped it and a small amount of blood and puss squirted out.

He cleaned himself off and went about his day like he normally did.

When Bob woke up the next morning, he noticed another zit in the middle of his forehead. Only this zit was bigger than the one before and covered the middle of his forehead.

So he popped it and it oozed out a much larger amount of blood and puss. And, like he did before, he cleaned himself off and went about his day.

Until the next morning when he woke up and discovered to his shock that the zit had grown to where it was now covering his entire forehead.

Panicked, he called in sick to work and made an emergency appointment at his nearest dermatologist for the very next day.

However, when he woke up the next morning, to his horror he saw that the zit had completely covered his entire head except for his eyes that were staring back at him wide with shock in the bathroom mirror.

Even though it was summer, he put on a hoodie to cover his head so no one else would see what happened to him. He got in his car and sped off to the dermatologist's office.

Thankfully, there was no one else in the office when he walked in. When the nurse at the front desk asked if he had an appointment, Bob silently pulled off his hoodie and she shrieked in utter shock and horror when she saw his head was one giant blackhead.

She told him to go right in and that she'd send for the doctor right away. The doctor came into the room a couple of minutes later and she, too, was shocked and horrified when she saw her patient had a giant zit for a head.

When she asked him if it hurt, he quietly shook his head. He didn't speak and tried to move as little as possible fearing that even the slightest movement would cause his zit head to pop.

The doctor reached out with her finger and asked Bob, "Does it hurt when I do this?"

She barely touched the zit and Bob's worst fears came true as his giant zit head exploded in a sea of blood and puss that covered the entire room, including the dermatologist.

Right then, the nurse walked in when she heard the doctor scream. She, too, screamed when she saw those two big eyeballs staring up at them from the floor . . .

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