THE WOMAN IN THE ROOM (Based On A True Story)
THE WOMAN IN THE ROOM (Based On A True Story) halloween stories

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THE WOMAN IN THE ROOM (Based On A True Story)

by tbanarchy

Don was lying in the bedroom he shared with his brother.

He heard footsteps coming down the hall & then the door opened. He first believed it was his brother coming into the room. He felt someone sitting on the bed next to him. He turned & looked up.

There he saw the figure of a woman staring down at him.

Her hairstyle and style of clothing were what Don described as the olden days. She stared at him for a moment before reaching down at him. Scared, Don jumped out of bed and turned on the light.

Of course, there was no woman sitting down on his bed.

In the years since seeing that woman, others within the house had their very own paranormal experiences, which included his wife seeing a huge white owl that attacked her that no one else saw.

Don would later ask a Ouija board about the spirit he saw.

He asked the Ouija board if there was a female spirit haunting his house. The board answered, "Yes." After his divorce, a psychic told his ex-wife their marriage ended because of that spirit.

Don did further research on the house & on the woman he saw.

He found out that his house used to be a mansion back in the olden days. The woman used to live there and gave birth in his bedroom where he saw her. She died during childbirth in that room.

The house burned after Don's daughter & husband bought it.

Lightning struck the house & it burned down, the first room to cave in was the upstairs bedroom where Don first saw the female spirit all those years before. A bank was built where the house was.

But Don's paranormal experiences didn't stop there.

He saw the figure of another person-a male-standing next to his bed at his home when he woke up. He went back to sleep, thinking it was his roommate. However, his roommate told him it wasn't him.

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