The "Truth" About Bullying
The "Truth" About Bullying bullying stories

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The "Truth" About Bullying

by tbanarchy

One hears a lot today about bullying and/or cyberbullying.

And one hears a lot these days about how to "deal" with bullying and/or cyberbullying. For what it's worth, here are my own thoughts & experiences with bullies & how to deal with them.

I myself am no stranger at having been bullied.

I was bullied quite a bit while I was in school back in the 70s & 80s. I wasn't cyberbullied since, of course, we didn't have no Internet or so-called social media or any of that. (Thank God!)

So how did I deal with being bullied?

Once when I was in high school I got bullied by almost an entire class when we had a substitute teacher. The next day I got up in front of class-with the teacher's permission-& told them off.

I also passed out "newsletters" chastising the school.

This led to rumors being spread about me how I was going to burn the school down & kill ALL the seniors at graduation. (This is why I was glad we DIDN'T have Twitter or Facebook back then!)

So, like I said, I'm NO stranger to bullying at school.

I'm not sure if bullying is "worse" today than it was when I was younger. Perhaps it's more prevalent with the advent of so-called social media where people can bully people anonymously.

People-including kids-have even committed suicide over this.

To which I say: DON'T!!!! Honestly, do you believe bullies care if you commit suicide or not? Hell, they'd probably load the gun up for you! That might sound harsh, I know, but it's the truth.

So how DOES one deal with bullies and/or bullying?

Unfortunately, there's not a one-size-fits-all answer to this. I have found from my own experience is that you'll usually have to find a way to deal with bullies and/or bullying YOURSELF.

Here are a few suggestions for dealing with a bully . . .

First, if you're being bullied on a site like Twitter or Facebook, block that person. If they're bullying you physically, I suggest taking a self-defense class or look up some YouTube videos.

Nothing stops a bully FASTER than a good ass-whipping!

Of course, a bullied person will have to decide FOR THEMSELVES how they want to deal with their bully (except, of course, ending their own life over this since it's definitely NOT worth it!).

So DOES it get "better" as that anti-bullying campaign says?

Yes and no. Yes in the sense you don't have to deal with bullies in the same manner after school as you did in school. No in the sense that you'll ALWAYS have to deal with A-Holes to some degree.

I know my childhood bullies wouldn't dare bully me now.

And if they tried it I would mop the floor with their asses! But bullies get older & they usually stop their bullying when they pick on the WRONG person (or sometimes they just wind up in jail!).

You may take my words with a grain of salt if you wish.

But, whatever else you take away from this, let me again reiterate do not-I repeat-DO NOT take your own life because someone bullied you online and/or off. These damn bullies AREN'T worth it!

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