THE THING AT THE REST STOP (A Horror Fic) horror stories

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Since Halloween is coming up, I thought it would be interesting to write a short horror fic using this format. By the way, this story isn't "based" on the Alien movies. I just used the imagery from the films because I thought it looked creepier (and, let's face it, it does!).


by tbanarchy

Tom stopped at a rest area late one night during his trip.

He hated stopping at rest areas, especially late at night, but he really had to go before he exploded. There was nobody else at the rest area when he pulled up, which made it all the more creepy.

He was sitting in the restroom stall trying to hurry up.

He wanted to get out of there as fast as he could in case some ax-wielding psycho showed up like in all those horror movies he always liked to watch. However, someone-or something-did show up.

Tom immediately realized the . . . thing wasn't human.

The restroom shook with each stomp of its feet. Tom sat in the bathroom stall frozen in place, especially when he heard the sound of this . . . thing's heavy breathing. He didn't know what to do.

It stepped into the stall next to the stall Tom was in.

Tom tried to remain as quiet as possible as he listened to it sit down. First, it made no sound except for its breathing. Then it roared with an ear-piercing scream that made Tom cover his ears.

It thrashed about inside the stall like it was in pain.

Its screams increased as Tom tried to remain as calm & as quiet as possible so it wouldn't know he was there. Then it's tail came sliding across the floor into his stall. He jumped on his seat.

The tail squirmed around on the floor like a giant worm.

Tom was terrified beyond belief as his heart beat rapidly inside his chest. He thought the tail would wrap around him at any second and crush the life out of him. Then it finally calmed down.

It seemed to calm down after doing its . . . business.

Tom silently remained seated in his stall while listening to the thing breath more calmly this time. Then it got up and stepped out of the stall, its footsteps shaking the restroom once again.

Tom waited in his stall for a while before stepping out.

He checked the other stall. It was all but demolished. In the center was a giant . . . egg the thing had left. It was huge and white and covered in goo. And the smell was horrendously putrid.

Then suddenly the egg cracked open as Tom watched in horror.

Two claws poked through the top of the egg. Tom knew he should have run but he was frozen in place. Then this slug-like creature popped out its head & stared at Tom. It bared its teeth & hissed.

Tom began to turn and run but it was too late.

The slug-like creature leapt out of its cocoon and went flying straight at Tom. A blood-curdling scream escaped Tom's mouth as he saw that . . . thing come flying straight at his terrified face.

The End?

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