The "Mindset" Of Wil Wheaton
The "Mindset" Of Wil Wheaton shut up stories

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"Shut up, Wesley!" I don't think truer words have EVER been spoken!

The "Mindset" Of Wil Wheaton

by tbanarchy

Wil Wheaton is an "actor" best known for his roles in the movie Stand By Me & in the TV shows Star Trek: The Next Generation & The Big Bang Theory (where he plays HIMSELF).

Recently, within the span of a few days, Wil quit Twitter because he whined about how "cruel" the "alt-righters" were being to him on that site.

He was then run off another social media site called Mastodon that is reportedly SO "far-left" it almost-almost!-makes Twitter look like Fox (Non) News. (This is an actual pic of Twitter's "woke" CEO Jack Dorsey, BTW.)

He was run off Mastodon because he reportedly blocked a "trans" person. And, of course, he whined how he was treated MORE "cruelly" there than he was on Twitter.

And now Wil is claiming he "suffers" from "mental illness" such as depression and anxiety. Coincidence?

This kind of reminds me of the Kelly Marie Tran debacle where the Star Wars media alleged the SW actress had been run off Instagram by "racist" SW fans irate over her "diverse" character Rose.

Never mind the fact that there's STILL no actual evidence this actually happened. (Plus the fact that her SW character SUCKED regardless of how "diverse" she was!)

Tran herself DIDN'T even say the word Instagram in her rather whiny New York Times op-ed piece about how "marginalized" she'd been as a kid by places like Hollywood (which, as an adult, has given her a "marginalized" career).

Of course, as with Wil Wheaton, I'm sure it was just mere coincidence that this all happened while that Solo movie was tanking at the all-important box office!

Anyway, do I think Wil Wheaton is truly "mentally ill" or is he just trying to deflect criticism from the very SAME PCers he shamelessly tried to kiss the ass of (and, of course, expected THEM to kiss his ass right back)?

Well, years ago "shock jock" Howard Stern said in his Playboy Interview how he hired a publicist who said he needed to do "charity work" to try to "offset" certain aspects of his public persona.

So I don't think it would be TOO far-fetched to suggest that maybe-just maybe!-this is what Wil is doing here, you know what I mean?

Especially when you consider he had been on Twitter FOR YEARS & had a few MILLION followers & could have addressed his "mental issues" at ANY point during that time. instead, he picks NOW to do it.

Again, coincidence?

It's kind of like how he whined how he didn't "deserve to be treated so terribly" on sites like Twitter when, from what I read of his tweets, he was one of the BIGGEST offenders when it came to trolling those he DIDN'T agree with.

For instance, he infamously called Republican Paul Ryan a, and I quote, "worthless sack of shit" in one of his tweets to him.

Hypocritical much there, Wil?

Just to be clear here, I'm NOT mocking those who do indeed suffer from various mental issues like depression and anxiety. And I'm NOT mocking Wil Wheaton if he does indeed suffer from these issues.

But, at the SAME time, if he IS using these "issues"-which people do indeed suffer heavily from-to try to deflect crticism and/or mockery from his douchebaggery, then he's an even BIGGER douchebag than I thought!

In any case, I think Captain Picard STILL said it best when he said to Wil Wheaton's, uh-hum, much-beloved character on TNG (my paraphrasing):


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