THE CLOWN IN THE WOODS (A Horror Story) prose stories
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This is my entry in Commaful's "creepy clown" story contest. Enjoy!


by tbanarchy

Jimmy, Brian & Keith took a walk behind Jimmy's house one afternoon after school the way they had done so many times before.

Jimmy was 13 while Brian & Keith were 12. All three boys attended junior high together. They had been best friends since the fourth grade.

They walked and talked about school, superheroes and girls the way they always did. All of a sudden Brian pointed in front of him and said, "Hey, who's that over there?"

Jimmy and Keith stopped walking and looked over to where Brian was pointing at. There they saw a man walking in the woods off in the distance, which they felt was unusual since they were normally the only ones walking out there.

The boys just stood and stared at the man. He was tall, about six feet or so, and was quite slender. His grey hoodie was obscuring his face, so they were unable to see what he looked like.

All three boys were standing very still as they kept watching this man walking down the woods. Then, all of a sudden, Keith stepped forward and stepped on a branch that was laying on the ground, which made a loud cracking sound.

Jimmy and Brian gasped as they glared back at Keith as if he had done something really wrong. They looked back to see the man had stopped walking and just stood there for a moment.

Then he slowly turned his head in the boys's direction. But, instead of seeing a face, they saw the man was wearing this creepy clown mask.

The man in the clown mask slowly turned around and they saw he was holding something in his right hand. It was an ax that had blood dripping off the blade.

The man in the clown mask stood and stared at the three boys and vice versa. "Everyone just be quiet and don't make any sudden movements and maybe he'll just go away," Jimmy whispered to Brian & Keith without looking at them.

No such luck!

The man howled like some wild animal as he started charging towards the boys. Jimmy then yelled at Brian & Keith without looking at them, "RUN!!!!"

All three boys scattered and ran as fast as their legs could take him as the man got closer and closer to them. Jimmy ran off in one directioin while Brian & Keith ran off in the opposite direction.

By separating, Jimmy hoped this would confuse the man and he would stop pursuing them. But, when he looked back, he saw to his dismay that the man had zeroed in on him as if he was his target all along.

Jimmy kept running through the woods and didn't stop as the branches kept slapping him in the face as if they were trying to help the man catch up to him.

Jimmy kept on running hoping he could find somewhere-anywhere-to hide from the ax-wielding clown, but then he tripped over a small log and fell facefirst on the ground.

He spat out the dirt and the leaves that had gotten into his mouth as he turned over on his back. He yelled out in terror as he saw the man hovering over him, swinging his ax back and forth beside him.

"Who are you?" Jimmy yelled at the masked man. "What do you want from me?"

Tears were nearly forming in his eyes as he waited for a response-any response-from the man as he continued to stand over him. Instead, he only heard heavy breating coming from his mask, making him sound like Darth Vader from Star Wars.

Jimmy tried to crawl away from the man, but he stepped on his chest to prevent that from happening. Jimmy watched in horror as the man slowly raised his bloodied ax above his head.

"No, please, don't!" Jimmy pleaded with him, shaking his head. When he saw his pleas were having no effect, he raised his arm in front of his face and waited for the inevitable.

Then, all of a sudden, Jimmy heard what sounded like rocks striking the ground around him. He lowered his hand and gazed around to see Brian & Keith standing behind the man and pelting him with rocks.

"Leave him alone, you creepy clown bastard!" yelled Keith as he & Brian kept throwing rocks at him.

Again, the man growled like some sort of wild animal as he turned his attention towards Brian and Keith, thus giving Jimmy the opportunity to crawl away from him.

While the masked clown was distracted, Jimmy picked up the log he had tripped over and shouted, "Hey!" When the clown turned around, he swung the log at his face and managed to strike the side of his head.

The man fell down on the ground where he laid there motionless. All three boys looked down at him when Keith asked, "Is . . . is he dead?" To which Jimmy replied, "I don't know and I don't want to stick around and find out!"

The three boys all ran back to Jimmy's house. They never told another living soul about what had happened, including their parents, for fear of everyone thinking they were crazy.

And they never went in the woods behind Jimmy's house ever again.

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