Some Weird Stuff About Graveyards
Some Weird Stuff About Graveyards graves stories
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Some Weird Stuff About Graveyards

by tbanarchy

Some people like to have sex in graveyards.

Some people like to desecrate graves.

Some people have taken whizzes in graveyards.

I know of someone (I won't say who!) who was weirdly accused by a family member of smearing cat feces on the family graves when they DIDN'T even own a cat.

And, of course, there's all the OTHER weird-ass stuff people do in graveyards that I probably CAN'T mention here! (And, yes, I'm looking at YOU, necrophiliacs!)

All of this is why I'm seriously considering having MY ass cremated!

Oh yeah, here's a pic of Elvira escaping from a graveyard. (You're welcome!)

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