Some Weird-A$$ "Doctor" Songs
Some Weird-A$$ "Doctor" Songs doctor stories

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The doctor is IN!

Some Weird-A$$ "Doctor" Songs

by tbanarchy

When one thinks of "doctor" songs, they usually think of songs like "Doctor, Doctor" by the late Robert Palmer.

But there are a few "doctor" songs I've listened to that are, well, weird. Such as:

"The Doctor" by Cheap Trick

This is without a doubt one of the weirdest if not the weirdest song I've ever head by 70s rock group Cheap Trick. And they've released songs like "He's A Whore"!

"I'm Your Witch Doctor" by Motorhead

This is not only a weird song-put out by the band with songs like "Orgasmatron"-but it is also the only song I've ever heard by Motorhead that didn't feature frontman Lemmy on lead vocals. (Weird!)

"The Doctor Is Calling" by Megadeth

While heavy metal group Megadeth is known for putting out sometimes weird songs, this is by far one of their weirdest. (I mean, they are called Megadeth after all!)

"Doctor Jekyll" by Bo Diddley

This song by the late legendary Bo Diddley-who was known for playing a box-shaped guitar-is a mostly live instrumental that has one verse that doesn't even contain the words "Doctor Jekyll". (Again, weird!)

"Doctor Jimmy" by The Who

One of the reasons why this 8-minute long song by The Who-which kind of sounds like their hit "Won't Get Fooled Again"-is "weird" is because of lyrics like this: "I'm going back soon/Home to get the baboon/Who cut up my eye/Messed up my Levis."

"Rock 'N' Roll Doctor" by Black Sabbath

I feel this song is "weird" because it sounds more of a straight-up rock tune than Black Sabbath's other songs like "Iron Man" and "War Pigs".

Oh, one more thing about the Bo Diddley tune "Doctor Jekyll": When you Google the lyrics to this song, you instead get the lyrics for the song "Sweet Little Rock & Roller" by Chuck Berry.

There again, weird!

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