Some Thoughts On "Luck"
Some Thoughts On "Luck" cleavage stories

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Some Thoughts On "Luck"

by tbanarchy

"In my experience there's no such thing as luck." So said THIS guy in the very first Star Wars.

And then THIS guy basically told him where he could go stick it.


My view on so-called "luck" would probably be more in line with the classic TV show Hee Haw. (Anyone remember THAT show?)

Like it said in this bit on the show: "If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all! Oh!"

And then the Hee Haw board would fly out & smack me on my ass!

Seriously, though, I'm not sure WHAT to say or think about so-called "luck".

Whether people make their own "luck" or they have "luck" thrust upon them (like a hot poker on their nethers!).

Not that I think having a hot poker on someone's nethers would qualify as being "lucky", but I, of course, digress . . .

One thing I will say about "luck" is, if there IS such as a thing as "luck", I could damn sure use some-or a lot!-of it right about now!

Fingers crossed!

Anyway, those are some of my views on so-called "luck".

As they used to say on Hee Haw: "Y'all cum back now, y'hear!"

Sorry, I just HAD to say that!

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