Some Things/People I Don't "Enjoy"
Some Things/People I Don't "Enjoy" enjoyable stories

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Some Things/People I Don't "Enjoy"

by tbanarchy


I've, of course, touched on this before. Though I like to think I can "handle" them. For instance, a "troll" called me an "asshole" & I responded: "I'm not an asshole. I'm a WHOLE ass!" See?

Salespeople/Jehovah's Witnesses/Telemarketers

I've lumped all these people together since I find them ALL equally unenjoyable. I mean, I don't wish to buy whatever crap you're selling & I damn sure DON'T wish to hear about your "religion".

"Celebrities" Who Try To Tell ME How To Do My Sh!t

Whether it's "celebrities" who try to tell me who to vote for or "celebs" who try to tell me what to eat & whanot, the ONLY thing I want from a "celebrity" is to be entertained, NOT preached to.

People Who Are Or Who Claim To Be "Politically Correct"

Something else I've touched on before, of course, is so-called political correctness & how I'm NOT what you'd call a "fan". If one wants to be PC that's fine. But why do I have to be PC too?

People Calling Me On The Telephone

I mentioned telemarketers before. But I really DON'T enjoy talking to people on the phone. I also HATE how the damn phone seems to ring at the MOST inopportune moment like when you're on the can.

Having To Deal With So-Called Customer Service

I find dealing with so-called customer service SO damn unenjoyable I'd almost-almost!-rather be stabbed in my nethers with a hot poker. (Not that I find being stabbed in my nethers enjoyable!)


I really DON'T enjoy bullsh!t. For more about bullsh!t, look up comedian George Carlin's comedic routine "American Bullshit". I think that says it all about bullsh!t, American or otherwise.

Blatant Hypocrisy

This is yet another topic I've touched on before, of course. As I also stated before, we're ALL hypocrites to some degree. But some-like politicians & such-take it to a whole 'nother level!

"Reality" Shows

Of course, there's a lot of unenjoyable drek on TV but so-called "reality" shows are the MOST unenjoyable. These shows are anything BUT "real". Also, I deal with enough A-Holes in REAL life.


Seriously, who the hell finds barfing enjoyable? The ONLY time I've found barfing enjoyable was in the film Dead Bang where cop Don Johnson barfs all over a suspect he's chasing on Christmas.

Nancy Grace

Speaking of barfing, I find Nancy Grace particularly unenjoyable. Even the president of Court TV once "apologized" for giving Nancy her "start" on TV. Hell, she even made a woman commit suicide!

Alien Probing

Now, to be clear, I've never been probed by an alien myself (not that I know anyway!) but I would assume it would be VERY much unenjoyable. I stuck a suppository up there once. Didn't enjoy it!

People In General

Honestly, I can really only take people in fits & starts. And that includes people I actually like. I know when I go shopping I feel like punching people in the face but that's illegal so . . .

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