Some Things (& People) I Don't Hate
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by tbanarchyCo Anyone who's read my pieces on Commaful (seriously, wha'ts WRONG with you?) knows I talk a lot about things (& esepcially people!) I can't stand (or hate).

Some Things (& People) I Don't Hate

by tbanarchy

Anyone who's read my pieces on Commaful (seriously, what's WRONG with you?) knows how I talk a lot about things (and especially people!) I can't stand (or hate).

So I thought I'd change things up a bit and list some things (& actual people!) whom I don't think suck canal water.

Emma Roberts

While I do talk A LOT of shit about celebrities, I do actually like actress Emma Roberts (who is the niece of Julia). Plus she's really good at playing a bitch (which I actually mean as a compliment!)!

Tulsi Gabbard

If I had to pick ONE current Democratic presidential candidate to vote for, I would pick Tulsi Gabbard since she seems to be the LEAST batshit crazy out of all of them. (And, yeah, I'm looking at YOU, Joe Biden!)

The TV show Lucifer.

While I regard most current TV shows as being little more than a bunch of "woke" BS, one TV show I like-though it still has its "woke" moments (especially when it went to Netflix!)-is the show Lucifer. (It's probably because I'm such a horny little devil myself!)

The Greg Gutfeld Show

I enjoy watching The Greg Gutfeld Show on Fox (Non) News because, unlike what you see on CNN (Mario Cuomo, are you listening?), Greg Gutfeld's show is intentionally funny! (Though I will say his Trump-ass-kissing sometimes goes a bit TOO far for my taste.)

The song (& video!) "Side To Side" by Ariana Grande (w/Nicki Minaj).

While, along with TV shows, I think most "modern" music SUCKS, I did like the song "Side To Side" by singer Ariana Grande (& Nicki Minaj). Plus the video helped me, uh-hum, enjoy the song all the MORE! (Right, Bill!)

The movie Happy Death Day.

Along with TV shows and (so-called) music today, I also think most current movies, again, SUCK. So I was pleasantly surprised that I actually liked the horror movie Happy Death Day (though, of course, it did have a few "woke" moments of its own).

Dave Chappelle

Comedian Dave Chappelle, who had one of the FUNNIEST shows on Comedy Central, has ALL the "wokesters" up in arms with his latest Netflix comedy special "Sticks & Stones" unlike OTHER so-called comics today who kiss "woke" ass. (And, yeah, I'm looking at YOU, Sarah Silverman!)

Jeremy from Geeks & Gamers.

One of my favorite YouTubers is Jeremy who runs Geeks & Gamers. Jeremy is known for putting out videos where he talks about how much "woke" Disney has fucked up Star Wars. Jeremy also CAN'T stand all this current "woke" PC BS (like, of course, yours truly!).

Elvira's, uh-hum, pumpkins!

Yeah, I'd love to put Elvira's, uh-hum, pumpkins out on MY front porch for ALL the trick-or-treaters to see! (Now THAT'S what I call getting a "treat" on Halloween, if you know what I mean!)

This gif of "chesty" actress Jennifer Love Hewitt whacking off a guy while dressed as a slutty nurse from her old show "The Client List".

I'm not sure WHAT it is, but there's just something about THIS gif of JLH that I just CAN'T seem to get enough of! (Yeah, you DO realize I'm being sarcastic here, right?)

And last, but definitely NOT least, "adult" film star Riley Reid!

There are, of course, MANY reasons why I, uh-hum, like Miss Reid, but, since there's kids & shit on here, I'll kindly refrain from doing so in this, um, piece. (Here's a hint: It's NOT her "rapping"!)

So, as you can PLAINLY see, I can be "positive" when I want to be!

Oh, BTW, according to Ariane Grande herself, her song "Side To Side" is in reference to being fucked SO hard that one CAN'T walk straight. (Seriously!)

But, you know, something tells me that Bill Clinton already knew THAT! (Right, Bill!)

And, just for the sheer hell of it, here's one MORE look at Elvira's, uh-hum, pumpkins!

And, speaking of pumpkins, here's another "chesty" shot of Jennifer Love Hewitt!

Remember, kids & shit!

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