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Anyone remember albums?

Some Sexy Album Covers

by tbanarchy

Back in the days of vinyl artists would sometimes spend about as much time on their album covers as they did on their albums since the cover was the first thing people saw when they picked it up.

And, since I've already put out a "creepy" album cover list, I felt it only fitting that I should put out a "sexy" album cover list.

So, without any further ado, here is my own personal picks of some of the sexiest album covers. Enjoy!

Superman by Barbra Streisand

Although I thought the album sucked, I think the cover of Barbra Steisand's album "Superman" is sexy because she looks like the girl I lost my virginity to. (Ah, memories!)

Like a Virgin by Madonna

I had a HUGE crush on pop star Madonna when I was a teen during the 80s back during her heyday when she released her "Like A Virgin" album (and who can forget those hairy pits of hers!).

Teenage Dream by Katy Perry

"Teenage Dream" is one of Katy Perry's earlier albums BEFORE she became "woke" (and BEFORE she started to look like that blond-haired kid from those "Home Alone" movies!).

Border Girl by Paulina Rubio

"Border Girl" is one of Latina singer Paulina Rubio's MOST successful albums in the U.S., according to Wikipedia. Gee, I wonder WHY!

Oral Fixation Vol. 2 by Shakira

Shakira is another sexy Latina singer who released a popular album suggestively-titled "Oral Fixation" that included the hit "Hips Don't Lie". No, Shakira, they sure DON'T!

Bite Your Tongue by Sex Slaves

The Sex Slaves are a kind of hard rock/punk band that . . . aw, who the hell cares! Just LOOK at their covers!

The Remix by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has NEVER been shy about showing off the goods as she did on the cover of her "Remix" album. (At least she wasn't wearing a "meat dress" THIS time!)

Christmas Is Here by Buckcherry

Hard rock group Buckcherry definitely put the "ho" in "Ho, ho, ho!" with the cover of their X-Mas-or is it XXX-Mas?-album!

Liz Phair by Liz Phair

The cover of the self-titled album by "indie" singer Liz Phair-who's sang such ditties as "Fuck & Run"-shows her holding a strategically-placed guitar. (Lucky guitar!)

Barenaked by Jennifer Love Hewitt

The aptly-titled "Barenaked" was the last album from actress Jennifer Love Hewitt's rather short-lived musical career. And with this album Jennifer went out with a . . . butt?

Out Of The Cellar by Ratt

The cover model on the debut album "Out Of The Cellar" by 80s hair metal group Ratt is actress Tawny Kitaen who is perhaps best known for jumping on cars while in lingerie in that Whitesnake video (which passed for porn in the 80s!).

Invasion Of Your Privacy by Ratt

The cover model of Ratt's 2nd album "IOYP" was Playboy Playmate Marianne Gravatte. Which I guess is appropriate since she reportedly dated the band's lead singer (which is the type of stuff rock stars used to do BEFORE they all became "woke" hipsters).

If You Can't Lick 'Em . . . Lick 'Em by Ted Nugent

Granted, this is not one of Ted Nugent's better-known albums but at least the cover is a hell of a lot sexier than the ones showing "Uncle Ted" in a damn loincloth (at least to me!)!

Divinyls by Divinyls

This is the self-titled album by rock duo The Divinyls fronted by the late Christina Amphlett. (And, yes, THIS is the record with their infamous song "I Touch Myself"!)

Try This by Pink

The cover to singer Pink's album Try This-which was reportedly her least successful album thus far-shows Pink with her tongue suggestively out. (Oh, the images THAT conjures up!)

Mariah Carey (Pick a cover!)

I think pretty much any album cover by Mariah Carey is sexy, especially when she started to "sex up" her image and her music.

Unapologetic & Rated R by Rihanna

Like Mariah Carey, singer Rihanna has put out a number of sexy album covers. So that's why I picked two covers for her "Unapologetic" and "Rated R" albums. (And don't they kind of look like that Lady Gaga cover I listed earlier?)

Better Than Raw by Helloween

I know, I know the "woman" on the cover of this album by heavy metal group Helloween isn't real, though it still gives me . . . feelings when I look at it. (Hey, I'm NOT proud!)

Look What The Cat Dragged In by Poison

When this debut album by the 80s hair metal group Poison came out, a number of teenage boys-myself included, I admit-thought, "Man, who are THESE hot chicks!" (Hey, it WAS the 80s, after all!)

Now, for those who would call me "sexist" for putting out this list, here's a nudie cover from the band Moron, uh, I mean Maroon 5.

You're welcome, ladies? (And, BTW, I put that question mark there deliberately.)

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