Some Possible Titles For The Upcoming Star Wars Flick
Some Possible Titles For The Upcoming Star Wars Flick films stories

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I got your Dark Side right HERE!

Some Possible Titles For The Upcoming Star Wars Flick

by tbanarchy

When I was a kid (and still a HUGE Star Wars fan), I proudly predicted the title for the third and final Star Wars film in the original trilogy would be Return Of The Jedi.

Now I've come up with some possible titles for the third and-thank the stars!-final Star Wars film in the, uh-hum, beloved sequel trilogy.


Seriously, Does Anyone STILL Give A Fuck About Star Wars Anymore?

We Only Care About Getting Your Money

We're REALLY Going To Ruin Your Childhood With THIS One!

If You Thought The Last Jedi Sucked!

Luke Who?

Weekend At Leia's (Too Soon?)

Nothing But Porgs!

It's All About Rose Tico

Wait, We Got Lando In This One! And He's NOT Fucking Robots!

Seriously, Luke Who?

Return Of Admiral Holdo

I Don't Like Star Wars Either

Revenge Of The Manbabies

I'm STILL Here, Bitches!

Something Something Jedi Something Something Dark Side

It's The LAST One! We Promise!

Attack Of The Space Titties

50 Shades Of Rey

No, I'm NOT Kidding, Luke Who?

Fuel & Gold Dice

Return (Or Revenge!) Of The Mary Sue

Return Of The Jedi Redux

The Force IS Female, Dammit!

Any Star Wars Fan Who DOESN'T Like This Film IS "Racist" AND "Sexist"!

And last, but definitely NOT Least, DONE!

May The Force . . . aw, who the fuck cares!

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