Some Of The Sexiest Female Vampires In Movies
Some Of The Sexiest Female Vampires In Movies sexy stories

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by tbanarchy Santanico Pandemonium “From Dusk Till Dawn” (Selma Hayek)

Some Of The Sexiest Female Vampires In Movies

by tbanarchy

There have been, of course, MANY female vampires in film over the years. Here are just a few of the sexiest bloodsuckers I've seen who sucked but in a GOOD way!

Santanico Pandemonium “From Dusk Till Dawn” (Selma Hayek)

Salma Hayek plays a vampire stripper in this film. She even gets her toes sucked by-ugh!-Quentin Tarantino.

Selene “Underworld” (Kate Beckinsale)

Kate Beckinsale plays one of the SEXIST vampires of all-time in the Underworld flicks (though, strangely, she hardly ever "bites" anyone).

Lilith “Bordello of Blood” (Angie Everhart)

While BOB was definitely NOT the best vampire flick ever (it starred Dennis Miller!), it's STILL worth to see just to watch the lovely Angie Everhart as a VERY sexy & seductive female vampire.

Marie “Innocent Blood” (Anne Parillaud)

Anne Parillaud is a sexy French actress who starred in this 1992 vampire flick (which also, strangely, starred the late Don Rickles as a vamp). And, unlike some of the others on this list, she's naked in this flick! (You're welcome!)

Illyana "Blonde Heaven" a.k.a. "Morgana" (Julie Strain)

B-movie actress Julie Strain starred in this, uh, B-movie about-what else!-female vampires. And, just like nearly EVERY film she's done, Julie was buck-naked in this flick (or is it vamp-naked?)!

Space Girl "Lifeforce" (Mathilda May)

Mathilda May stars in this 80s cult classic film as a nameless "space vampire" who spends MUCH of the film-you guessed it!-NAKED. (Again, you're welcome!)

Charlotte Wells "Embrace Of The Vampire" (Alyssa Milano)

I don't think Alyssa's character technically turns into a vampire in this flick (though I think she nearly does). But, with sexy scenes like THIS, who the hell cares!


Vampirella is a scantily-clad comic book character that was turned into a movie back in the 90s (of which I haven't seen & is why I didn't list it here). Even the aforesaid Julie Strain "posed" as her.


Elvia isn't a vampire but, again, who the hell cares, am I right, fellas!

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