Some Of The MOST Useless AND Worthless D-Bags Of 2018
Some Of The MOST Useless AND Worthless D-Bags Of 2018 dbags stories

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Here's an end-of-year list I bet you DIDN'T read!

Some Of The MOST Useless AND Worthless D-Bags Of 2018

by tbanarchy

GQ magazine has a yearly list of what they call the "least influential" people of the year. Here's MY list of who I regard as the "least influential" or, rather, the BIGGEST D-Bags of 2018:


I was trying to think of one media pundit to pick for this list, but, let's face it, about 99.9 1/2 % of media pundits are DUMBER than a bag of flaming dog shit. (And anyone who's ever watched these D-Bags will no doubt see WHY.)


Michael Avenatti-who looks like the lovechild of Vin Diesel & Dr. Evil-spearheaded the campaign against that Brett Kavanaugh and THEN was arrested on domestic violence charges. Ironically, he wants everyone to give him the SAME benefit of a doubt he said SHOULDN'T be given to BK.


Jack Dorsey-the "woke" CEO of Twitter-vowed to crack down on "hate speech" on his site in 2018. The result? The group Amnesty International blasted "toxic" Twitter for not "protecting" women enough on his site. All that "wokeness" shot to shit!


Jimmy Kimmel not only is a late night talk show host but now apparently fashions himself as a "woke" political pundit AND "male feminist". AND NOW . . . GIRLS JUMPING ON TRAMPOLINES!!!!


YouTuber Candace Owens had a promising career as a right-wing commentator UNTIL it came out she had put out a site "doxing"-where people post personal info of others online like their home address-people she accused of being bullies, includiing KIDS. Whoops!


Stormy Daniels-whose lawyer is Michael Avenatti-published a book in 2018 about her seedy "affair" with THIS guy. Why should I spend good money to buy Stormy's book when I can go on Pornhub and watch her fuck FOR FREE? (And none of her scenes features THIS guy!)


Let's see, Antifa is a group of "privileged" WHITE kids who wear masks like the KKK and beat up people like the Brown Shirts whom THEY say are "racist" and "fascist". They definitely put the "fa" in Antifa!


In 2018 Alec Baldwin got arrested for getting into a fight with a guy over a parking spot AND he called yet another photographer a homophobic slur (you can Google which one he used) AND he had another talk show which hardly anyone watched. But he'll do another Trump "impersonation" on SNL and ALL will be forgiven!


These two D-Bags took a film franchise that has endured for about 40 years-i.e. Star Wars-and thoroughly shat all over it with The Last Jedi and Solo (the latter of which became the FIRST box office Star Wars flop). And they did it to push a "political" agenda. ("The Force Is Female" indeed!)

THE PCers (who have also been called SJWs & NPCs)

These D-Bags, whatever they're called, are ALWAYS useless AND worthless.

Now you may wonder why I haven't listed any politicians on my D-Bag list. That's because I think they're ALL a bunch of useless AND worthless D-Bags!

And, yeah, just in case you were wondering, I also include HER!

Now, for those who object to some of my D-Bag picks and/or who feel I should've added some D-Bags on my list, I have one suggestion for you: MAKE YOUR OWN DAMN D-BAG LIST!

Just a suggestion!

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