Some Of The Most Creepiest Album Covers I've EVER Seen!
Some Of The Most Creepiest Album Covers I've EVER Seen! art stories

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Some Of The Most Creepiest Album Covers I've EVER Seen!

by tbanarchy

Although vinyl has started making a comeback in recent years, album covers has still become somewhat of a lost art. Here are just a few of the more creepier ones.

Black Sabbath "Greatest Hits"

The cover to this album was a painting called The Triumph Of Death (c.1562) by Peter Brueghel the Elder & depicts a skeletal army laying waste to a burning village. Creepy AND brutal!

Black Sabbath "Mob Rules"

I used to have the concert tee of this album cover my sister gave to me. It probably goes without saying the other kids at school would get creeped out whenever I wore it to school (and, of course, probably led to later rumors that I was a "devil worshiper").

Ozzy Osbourne "Speak Of The Devil"

My aunt bought this album for me at a local record shop as a Christmas present. As I recall, my mother wasn't too thrilled by her doing this when she saw the cover. And DON'T ask me what the hell's coming out of Ozzy's mouth! (Something tells me I don't WANT to know!)

Exodus "Pleasures Of The Flesh"

The original cover to heavy metal band Exodus's second album showed a painting of the group engaging in cannibalism. The cover was replaced with a shot of them sitting at a bar with skulls. I'm not sure WHICH one is creepier!

Exodus "Bonded By Blood"

This other album by Exodus is also not only another creepy album cover by the band but is also I feel their WORST album I've listened to thus far. (My favorite album by them being "Fabulous Disaster", in case you were wondering, which I'm sure you WERE!)

Slayer "South Of Heaven"

Not only is this a creepy album cover, this is also my favorite album by the legendary heavy metal band Slayer. (And, no, in case you haven't already figured it out by now, this has NOTHING to do with the show Buffy The Vampire Slayer, OK? OK!)

Motorhead "Rock 'N' Roll"

I remember a friend of mine back in high school-when I bought pretty much all of my albums-was a bit creeped out by this cover of the then-newest album by Motorhead. (R.I.P., Lemmy!)

Iron Maiden "Piece Of Mind"

Though any one of Iron Maiden's album covers showing their "mascot" Eddie would be considered creepy, I picked this one because my father kind of freaked out when he saw me buying it at the local Wal-Mart (believe it or not!).

Dangerous Toys "Dangerous Toys"

I figured NO creepy album cover list would be complete without at least ONE cover featuring a creepy clown so here's the cover to Dangerous Toys's self-titled debut which features their best known song appropriately-titled "Scared".

Marilyn Manson "Portrait Of An American Family"

And, of course, no creepy album cover list would also NOT be complete without at least one cover from Marilyn Manson so I picked this album which features Marilyn's, uh-hum, classic song "Cake & Sodomy". (Yum!)

Helloween "Better Than Raw"

I'm really NOT sure if I should be creeped out or turned on by THIS album cover by heavy metal band Helloween. (I know, catchy as HELL, right?) Maybe-just maybe!-I'm a bit of BOTH! (Yeah, I know. PERV!)

Queen "News Of The World"

Another aunt of mine picked up this album for me for another Christmas but she told me she got SO creeped out by the cover that she put it back and picked me up another album. (And remember when the show Family Guy spoofed this album cover?)

George Jones "I Am What I Am"

Though this album cover might not be as "creepy" as the others I've listed, George Jones STILL looks pretty sloshed on the front AND back covers of this album that contains perhaps his biggest-& most depressing-hit "He Stopped Loving Her Today".

Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass "Whipped Cream & Other Delights"

This is perhaps the most famous album cover from noted jazz musician Herb Alpert showing a sexy woman clad only in whipped cream (which, as this pic shows, has been "parodied" MANY times).

Lynyrd Skynyrd "Street Survivors"

This album was released just a few days before the band's infamous plane crash that killed some of the band members. The cover was promptly replaced because the original cover showed the deceased band members engulfed in flames. Creepy indeed!

Ted Nugent "Love Grenade"

The original cover to this Ted Nugent album initially showed a naked woman hog-tied kneeling on a platter with a grenade shoved in her mouth. For SOME reason, the record company decided to replace the cover. Go figure!

The Red Hot Chili Peppers "The Abbey Road E.P."

The Red Hot Chili Peppers were spoofing on the classic cover to the "Abbey Road" album by The Beatles on this e.p. I recall the owner of the record shop where I frequented seemed VERY relieved that I was buying this album. (Gee, I wonder WHY?)

Ted Nugent "If You Can't Lick 'Em . . . Lick 'Em"

Though not as "bad" as Uncle Ted's Love Grenade cover, I'm sure SOME would be creeped out by an album cover with a "suggestive" title showing a sweaty female boxer sitting spread-eagled in the ring. (The PCers, for one!)

Air Supply "Lost In Love"

This is probably the creepiest album cover on this list. I mean, who WOULDN'T get creeped out by an Australian band who sings about "love" the way that Marilyn Manson sings about . . . well, YOU know!

I guess everyone reading this noticed how most of the album covers on this list were from heavy metal bands, right? (I'm just checking!)

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