Some Of The Best (Or Worst) Creepy-A$$ Dolls
Some Of The Best (Or Worst) Creepy-A$$ Dolls puppets stories

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Some Of The Best (Or Worst) Creepy-A$$ Dolls

by tbanarchy

The doll scene from Barbarella.

In this scene, a bunch of creepy-ass kids tie up Barbarella & their creepy-ass dolls start chewing on her. That scene STILL creeps me out! (Though I'm all for things chewing on Jane Fonda!)

The "Island Of The Dolls" in Mexico.

The "doll island" was "created" by a reclusive Mexican man who hung mutilated dolls from trees to appease the spirit of a little girl who drowned there. Creepy indeed!

The puppets in the Puppet Master horror films.

Puppet Master is a cult horror film franchise from the 90s about "armed" puppets-or dolls, if you will-brought to life by an Egyptian spell. (Though why anyone would allow themselves to be killed by dolls is beyond me!)

Alfred Hitchcock "The Birds" Barbie doll.

OK, who was the marketing genius who thought it was a GOOD idea to have a Barbie commemorating a movie that shows a woman being attacked by killer birds? (And YOU thought Pregnant Barbie was creepy!)

Ken doll with a man bun.

OK, let's be clear here, the ONLY time a man bun has EVER looked cool is when Sam Elliot sported one in Road House. (Not that Ken dolls were EVER cool or non-creepy, that is!)

So-called Real Dolls.

Real Dolls are "realistic", uh-hum, love dolls that one can use to . . . well, YOU know! (Don't worry, there's a MALE love doll too!) I guess one upside is you can't catch an STD from a doll. You can't, right? (I'm asking for a "friend"!)

Chucky's kid in Seed Of Chucky.

While Chucky was indeed VERY creepy, he paled in comparison to the utter creepiness that was his "son" in the WORST film in the franchise. (Plus he looked like Ziggy Stardust to boot!)

Lucy Doll

Lucy Doll is an "adult" film actress who's noted for her "girl" voice that some-or many-might view as creepy.

Though I still find it less creepy than Stormy Daniels FUCKING Donald Trump even AFTER he (allegedly) told her how she "reminded" him of his daughter Ivanka.

Oh yeah, I went there! (Or, rather, Stormy went THERE!)

And . . . whatever the hell THIS creepy thing is!

Bye now!

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