Some Of My Favorite "Naughty" Things (Revisited)
Some Of My Favorite "Naughty" Things (Revisited) repeat stories

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I already did a "naughty" list. But I figured what the hell & that I'd do ANOTHER one. (You're welcome!)

Some Of My Favorite "Naughty" Things (Revisited)

by tbanarchy


Bukkake is an, uh-hum, import from Japan. For those who DON'T know what it is, let's just say it's NOT a Japanese cuisine!

James Bond (BEFORE he became PC)

I prefer the wisecracking, womanizing, cold-blooded murdering James Bond of old & NOT the new PC version. (Sorry, Daniel Craig!)

"Naughty" Movies

By "naughty" movies I, of course, mean films that make 50 Shades Of Grey look like a Disney flick!

"Naughty" Sci-Fi

Whether it's "Slave" Princess Leia or Capt. Kirk getting it on with green women, the "naughtier" the sci-fi the BETTER!


Anime/Hentai is another Japanese, uh-hum, import. And, yes, it's "adult" cartoons & NOT the Saturday morning kiddie variety, if you get my meaning!

"Naughty" Celebrities

Some people people have an "issue" with celebrities who are less than, shall we say, wholesome. Me, the "naughtier" the celebs the BETTER!

Speaking of "naughty" celebrities, here's Elvira!

You're welcome!

Of course, I'm into LEGAL "naughty" stuff! (Just thought I'd throw that in there in case you-know-who might be reading this!)

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