Some Of My Favorite TV "Idiots"
Some Of My Favorite TV "Idiots" trump stories

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Some Of My Favorite TV "Idiots"

by tbanarchy

Al Bundy from Married With Children

Al Bundy was a coarse, filthy-minded, politically incorrect dullard who hated his life & would rather do ANYTHING than have sex with his wife.

Of course, there'd be no way in PC hell a character like Al would be in a TV show today!

And his daughter Kelly was even MORE of a moron than her father. But she was blond & HOT so there you go!

And is another character who likely WOULDN'T be in a TV show nowadays (for I think obvious reasons!)!

Beavis & Butthead

Beavis & Butthead came out on MTV back in the 90s (back when MTV was STILL cool!) & became a huge hit due to their hilarious buffoonery.

They garnerd controversy for their antics (even though they WERE cartoons!).

Unlike the dullards on the MTV "reality" show The Jersey Shore (who made Beavis & Butthead look like rocket scientists!)!

MTV even moved the show to a later time due to all the controversy the show provoked.

The show came back on MTV for a short time a few years ago (and was the LAST time I bothered watching MTV!).

Impractical Jokers (the TV show)

Impractical Jokers is a simple show of four pals who do stupid stunts to try to embarrass each other.

It even states how "stupid" the show is in the opening credits!

One reason I like the show is because there's NO self-righteous political pontificating like on OTHER "comedy" shows.

For the record, I thought about including Homer Simpson on my "favorite idiot" list.

But then I realized Homer in REAL life would be a fat-ass alcoholic who violently abuses his son & neglects the rest of his family, including his enabling wife.

At least Al Bundy-lousy father that HE was!-NEVER raised a hand to his son Bud!

But at least Homer Simpson "hates" Trump, right? (Yeah, I know, talk about an idiot, right?)


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