Some Of My Favorite "Dark" Things
Some Of My Favorite "Dark" Things dark stories
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tbanarchy Sometimes serious, mostly snarky author.
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Some Of My Favorite "Dark" Things

by tbanarchy

The Dark Side of The Force

Some Star Wars fans are into the Jedi (or Light Side of The Force). Me, I'm more of a Sith guy myself!

Heavy Metal

I have a particular fondness for 80s hair metal which is what I grew up listening to.

Cheesy Horror Flicks

That, of course, includes A Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Chucky and so-called "slasher" flicks in general.

Dark (or Politically Incorrect) Humor

To me, pretty much nothing is "sacred" and, if it is, it won't be when I get done with it!

Dark Haired Women

I feel this one is pretty self-explanatory. (Pretty-get it?)

Bad Guys

Many-or most-people like to root for the good guy in films & whatnot but I feel what makes a show good is a really villainous bad guy.

And pretty much anything macabre.

By "macabre" I don't mean that I'm a practicing occultist or witch or anything like that but that I'm usually "attracted" to stuff others might find eerie and, of course, dark.

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