Some Of My Favorite "Creature" Things
Some Of My Favorite "Creature" Things lists stories

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Some Of My Favorite "Creature" Things

by tbanarchy

Creatures Of The Night by KISS

This is one of my all-time favorite albums by the legendary rock band KISS from the ass-kicking title track to their legendary hit "I Love It Loud" (sung by cow-tongued frontman Gene Simmons).

Shit Demon from Dogma

The Shit Demon is a "character" from one of director Kevin Smith's better films Dogma. The demon is composed of human waste. Its real name is Golgothan but I, of course, prefer Shit Demon.

Zombie Strippers movie

This is a film about a zombie outbreak in a stripclub in-where else!-Nebraska. This flick stars Robert "Freddy Krueger" Englund & ex-porn star Jenna Jameson BEFORE the extensive plastic surgery.


Seriously, who DOESN'T like Mermaids? Half topless chick, half fish. I mean, what's NOT to love? Especially if they look like Daryl Hannah in Splash, am I right, fellas? Damn right I'm right!


Do I personally believe in the existence of Bigfoot? I'm not sure. Actually, I believe in the possibility of the existence of Bigfoot. Or the Yeti or the Abominable Snowman or Chewbacca. What?

Heavenly Creatures movie

Heavenly Creatures is a quirkly earlier film of Kate Winslet-& co-starring Melanie Lynskey-about the burgeoning-& offbeat-lesbian relationship of two young women who live in their own world.

Killer Croc from Batman

Killer Croc is one of the more underrated villains from Batman, in my oh-so-humble opinion. In case you haven't guessed it, he's half-crocodile, half-human & ALL badass! (Well, except for Bane!)

Chet from Weird Science

Before the Shit Monster in Dogma, there was Chet in the eighties movie Weird Science who gets turned into a POS by hottie Kelly Le Brock for bullying his younger brother to an extreme. Nice!

Helena Bonham Carter in Planet Of The Apes

Actress Helena Bonham Carter did a complete transformation as the sexiest primate EVER in the 2001 remake of the classic 60s film POTA. (Not that I normally think primates are "sexy", mind you!)

Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars

A "creatures" list WOULDN'T be complete without none other than Jabba the Hutt, the notorious "vile gangster" from SW. He's big, he's bad, he's slimy, he's kinky & he looks like a POS! Literally!

A True "Creature" Story

I went fishing with my father years ago and I caught a fish with-and, no, I'm NOT making this up!-REAL HUMAN TEETH. And its eyes looked human too. Maybe a fisherman did the fish nasty? Who knows!

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