Some Dumb Sh!t Micah Wright Said (Along With Antifa & Other PSYCHOS On Twitter)
Some Dumb Sh!t Micah Wright Said (Along With Antifa & Other PSYCHOS On Twitter) thing stories

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Who IS Micah Wright? Precisely!

Some Dumb Sh!t Micah Wright Said (Along With Antifa & Other PSYCHOS On Twitter)

by tbanarchy

So who IS Micah Wright, you might be asking yourself? I admit, I didn't know anything about him myself UNTIL my, uh-hum, exchange with him on-where else!-Twitter.

Micah Wright is a small-time writer and filmmaker who's also "worked" on things like comic books and video games such as a Dukes Of Hazzard video game he once "worked" on some years back.

And, yes, I'm referring to the classic TV show that got BANNED because the Twitter "woke" mob called it-you guessed it!-RACIST because there was a CONFEDERATE FLAG on the hood of the car the General Lee.

But I wonder WHAT Micah's "woke" followers on Twitter would say if they found out he had once "worked" on a video game like THIS? Oh yeah, that's right!

Ironically, Micah called ME both "racist" AND a "Nazi sympathizer" because I had dared called the group Antifa TERRORISTS for beating reporter Andy Ngo-and others (including the ELDERLY)-nearly half to death.

This in spite of the fact the Obama Administration itself had labeled Antifa DOMESTIC TERRORISTS. (Google it.) So, I guess in Wright's "woke" mind, that makes THIS guy a "Nazi sympathizer" too!

Not surprisingly, Micah ended up BLOCKING me-like SO many of his "woke" Twitter brethren have done-after I kept feeding his "woke" shit back to him (like, of course, I've done with SO many of his "woke" Twitter brethren).

After he BLOCKED me, I went and did some research on him and guess what I found? Lo and behold, Micah Wright once-and, no, I'm NOT making this up!-LIED about not only serving in the military but that he also saw combat during the U.S. invasion of Panama back in 1989.

What made this even DUMBER-besides, of course, the obvious!-was that he apparently would have been 15 years old at the time of the U.S. invasion of Panama, according to his Wikipedia page (and, yes, he's got one!).

As supervillain Syndrome said in the movie The Incredibles: Oh, this is just TOO good!

First off, not only do you have to be DUMB to "defend" the likes of Antifa but you have to be even DUMBER to LIE about serving in the military and NOT think anyone, especially those who actually SERVED in the military, would NOT call you out on it!

And, to be fair, Micah did "apologize" on his site for LYING about his faux military record AFTER reporters were all set to expose him as the FRAUD he truly was.

Hell, it's NO wonder why he SUPPORTS reporters being brutally beaten by gangs of masked thugs like Antifa!

But one GOOD thing I can say about Micah Wright is that, as DUMB as he was (and is!), at least he was smart enough NOT to go as far as his fellow "woke" writer Sarah Gailey did in the wake of the Andy Ngo Antifa attack.

And what DID Miss Gailey do? Well, shortly after the Antifa attack on Mr. Ngo, Sarah said in one tweet how ANYONE who dared "criticize" Antifa should be-and, no, I'm NOT making this up!-BEAT TO DEATH WITH A BRICK!!!!

In another tweet, Sarah Gailey, uh-hum, suggested how her political opponents should be-and, again, I'm NOT making this up!-MURDERED IN FRONT OF THEIR FAMILY!!!!

Not only is this DUMB psycho STILL allowed on Twitter-even though what she tweeted was in "violation" of Twitter's OWN "fules"-but she STILL has one of those "verified" checkmarks next to her name.

There again, nice "woke" site you got there, Jack!

Going back to Antifa, in spite of their claims to be "fighting" against Nazis and/or "white supremacists", Antifa is in reality a group of "privileged" WHITE kids who seem to "target" quite a few gays and minoroites like Andy Ngo.

You know, this reminds me of ANOTHER group of WHITE guys in masks who would go around threatening and/or assaulting a lot of gays and minorities who did not share in their "opinions". Oh, who was THIS group again? Oh yeah!


This all just goes to show how those who claim to be the "wokest" and/or who "virtue-signal" the LOUDEST on sites like Twitter usually turn out to be the LEAST "virtuous".

Oh, BTW, Micah Wright currently has a movie he directed playing on Netflix called They're Watching (which, ironically, deals with a "witch hunt" of sorts).

Well, I know ONE movie that I definitely WON'T be watching on Netflix!

As for whether or not I'm truly a "Nazi sympathizer" as Micah Wright accused me of being, all I have to say is: Heil no I'm NOT a "Nazi sympathizer"!

Oh, wait a sec . . .

Speaking of the Dukes Of Hazzard, here's singer Jessica Simpson from the film version of DOH that came out a few years ago (that, yes, included the car the General Lee).

Hell, I'm surprised the Twitter "woke" mob DIDN'T try to get the film BANNED along with the TV show (though, as I recall, some of them DID advocate that the classic film Gone With The Wind be BANNED).

And, just think, people wonder WHY I talk shit about THIS group!

Oh, here's one more thing about Antifa: I got blocked on-by an Antifa group on-where else!-Twitter after I kindly suggested to them how, instead of reporters, they should try to assault some bikers who are "supporters" of THIS guy.

Gee, I wonder why they DON'T!

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