Some Current Sh!t That's "Amused" Me
Some Current Sh!t That's "Amused" Me comedy stories

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That's some funny sh!t!

Some Current Sh!t That's "Amused" Me

by tbanarchy

The site Vox recently posted a piece that argued how knitting was-and, no, I'm NOT making this up!-RACIST.

Yes, you heard right, knitting.


You know, I thought that ghost costume Grandma knitted for me for Halloween when I was a kid looked suspiciously like a Klan uniform! (Man, I think I've "offended" myself with THAT one!)

This reminds me of the time when Huffington Post posted an article saying how WHITE people should NOT under ANY circumstances do yoga since it's . . . well, YOU know.

Even though HuffPo's founder Ariana Huffington is a-gasp!-WHITE WOMAN WHO DOES YOGA!!!!

Of course, you can just add this to all the other "amusing" things PCers have claimed are RACIST like-and, again, I'm NOT making this up!-Park Ranger uniforms and people with the name "lynch".

Seriously, where DO these PCers come up with THIS shit!

Again, this reminds me of back in the 80s when "religious" nuts would play records backwards to find "Satanic messages" and they would play them for the media and they'd say, "See! It says it right there! I love Satan! I love Satan!"

It's like the late comedian Bill Hicks once noted: If you play your records backwards just to find "Satanic messages" and whatnot, you ARE fucking Satan!

Speaking of Satan, along with calling DUMB stuff RACIST, the PCers have also called DUMB things sexist like-and, once again, I'm NOT making this up!-air conditioning and salad.

And, if you eat your salad in a place that's air-conditioned, then, according to the PCers, you're Jack the fucking Ripper!

I swear, reading all this PC BS makes me want to TOSS my salad, if you know what I mean! (And, as always, I think you do, you pervs!)

But at least Vox DIDN'T do like Salon once did and publish articles-and, sadly, I'm NOT making this up-DEFENDING PEDOPHILES!

Now THAT'S some offensive shit!

Going back to knitting being RACIST, you'll probably never look at your Grandma knitting you a sweater the same way again!

Oh, BTW, I still find beavers amusing!

Just ask Larry Flynt!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get me some tossed salad!

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