Some Bloody Good "Blood" Songs!
Some Bloody Good "Blood" Songs! blood stories
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Some Bloody Good "Blood" Songs!

by tbanarchy

"Bad Blood" by Neil Sedaka (w/Elton John)

This classic 70s tune was a big hit for singer Neil Sedaka (with background vocals by his friend Elton John), though most people nowadays are probably familiar with this classic pop song from That '70s Show.

"Sunday Bloody Sunday" by U2

This classic song by U2 is about a real event when, on January 30th, 1972, members of the British Army shot a group of unarmed civil rights protesters in the Northern Irish town of Derry, killing 14, including 7 teenagers.

"If You Want Blood (You Got It)" by AC/DC

This song is off the band's classic album "Highway To Hell" & was the last album recorded with lead singer Bon Scott who died in February of 1980 after a night of heavy drinking. (RIP, Bon!)

"Bloodstone" by Judas Priest

This song is off what many consider to be the band's best album "Screaming For Vengeance". (You know, the one that has their biggest hit song "You've Got Another Thing Comin'".)

"Shake Your Blood" by Motorhead

This was a song by the legendary heavy metal band Motorhead fronted by the late Lemmy. (RIP, Lemmy!) Also check out the video for this song which shows, among other things, scantily-clad chicks eating fire!

"Spill The Blood" by Slayer

This song is off the band's album "South Of Heaven" which also happens to be my all-time favorite album by the group.

"Bloodlust" by Body Count

This is the title track from the album by rapper Ice T's controversial heavy metal band Body Count. (Anyone recall the furor over their song "Cop Killer"?)

"Bad Blood" by Taylor Swift

To be honest, I'm not much of a Taylor Swift fan myself, but I went ahead and included this song since I didn't want anyone pointing it out to me. (Again, to be honest, I'd rather listen to the Neil Sedaka BB song. No offense, Taylor!)

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