Some "Alive" Things

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Some "Alive" Things

by tbanarchy

The "Alive" album by KISS

This "live" double album was the first "hit" album by the band KISS back in the 70s & features the "live" version of their "classic" anthem "Rock & Roll All Nite" that is played ALL the time.

The "Alive II" album by KISS

This was the second "live" double album by the band KISS (and is, I think, better than the first one). This album also features non-"live" tracks, including the hit "Rocket Ride". (Subtle, no?)

The "Alive III" album by KISS

This is, of course, the THIRD "live" album by rock group Kiss. It's pretty much like the other two except with their newer "hit" songs they came out with since the other two "Alive" albums.

"Alive" by Pearl Jam

I can recall a time when you couldn't go five seconds WITHOUT hearing this damn song by Pearl Jam either on the radio or MTV (back, of course, when they were STILL playing actual music videos!)!

"Alive" movie

This is a 1993 movie based on real life events involving a rugby team whose plane crashes in the snow-covered Andes mountains & have to resort to eating each other to stay alive. Need I say more?

"Alive & Kicking" by Simple Minds

This was a hit song from popular 80s pop group Simple Minds (who's, of course, best known for singing that one song from that 80s teenybopper flick The Breakfast Club starring what's-their-name).

"Dead Alive" movie

This is another 1993 horror film about a guy who fights off a horde of zombies with a lawnmower. Oh yeah, it was directed by the Lord Of The Rings guy! (And it WASN'T based on "real" events!)

"Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees (& Ozzy Osbourne!)

Who can, of course, forget this classic disco tune by 70s disco group the Bee Gees, although I think my favorite version of the song was recorded by none other than Ozzy Osbourne himself.

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