So Today's "Story Challenge" On Commaful Is . . . Goat?
So Today's "Story Challenge" On Commaful Is . . . Goat? goat stories

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So Today's "Story Challenge" On Commaful Is . . . Goat?

by tbanarchy

First the "story challenge" on Commaful was jellyfish and now it's goats.

Seriously, Commaful?

What the hell can I or anyone say about goats?

Besides, of course, that they're horny! Because goats have horns. Get it?

I did once live next door to this guy who got himself a "pet" goat shortly after his wife passed away.

So this guy "replaced" his wife with a smelly barnyard animal?


And then there's, of course, Horny Goat Weed.

Which I assume is weed for horny goats! Get it?

BTW, Commaful, I'm STILL waiting for that "story challenge" on the beaver.

Like I posted before, I've got PLENTY to say about the beaver. You know, since it can also refer to a woman's hoo-hah!

Right, Larry Flynt?

Oh yeah, "Goats Head Soup" was also an album by the Rolling Stones which had their classic hit "Angie".

And, as far as I know, no actual goats were harmed during the making of that album.

But, then again, with Keith Richards one can never be too sure!

I know. That's BAAAAAAD!!!!

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