So Today's "Story Challenge" On Commaful Is . . . Elephant?
So Today's "Story Challenge" On Commaful Is . . . Elephant? elephant stories

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So Today's "Story Challenge" On Commaful Is . . . Elephant?

by tbanarchy

So first it was jellyfish and then it was goats and now it's elephants.

Effing elephants.

What's next? The effing platypus?

BTW, I'm saying effing instead of fucking because a Commaful user suggested how I should clean up my fucking, uh, I mean effing language. So there!

Going back to elephants, are you detecting a "pattern" here on Commaful or is it just me?

The only thing I can really say about elephants is how their trunks remind me of the late John Holmes's wee-wee.

And for those of you who DON'T know who John Holmes is-or was-and why his wee-wee was so, uh-hum, special I'd suggest you Google him. (If you DARE!)

Just the adults, though, NOT the kids!

Anyway, Commaful, I'm STILL waiting on that "story challenge" on the beaver.

Or, if not beaver, then at least the pussy . . . cat!

Oh yeah, Operation Dumbo Drop was a Disney film that came out back in 1995.

And it sucked SO bad that it all but killed Denis Leary's film career.

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