Sh!t That Makes Me Thrilled
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Man, this is some thrilling sh!t!

Sh!t That Makes Me Thrilled

by tbanarchy

The, uh-hum, movies of Riley Reid.

Riley Reid tweeted "If you don't eat ass, please unfollow me." Let's see Lena Dunham tweet THAT! (On second though, let's NOT.)

The song "Thrills In The Night" by KISS.

I could be wrong but I believe this song is about a hooker. (At least it WASN'T about "jailbait" like in their song "Christine Sixteen"!)

Madonna's hairy armpits.

I know chicks with hairy pits-hey, that rhymed!-isn't every dude's cup of tea, but it sure beats listening to her speak with that phony-ass British accent of hers!


Just to clarify here, when I say "bush" I'm NOT speaking of the band Bush nor am I referring to the shrubbery, OK? OK!

Allie Haze's smile.

Now before any of you say "Awww!" I'd suggest that you Google the name Allie Haze and see what, er, pops up. (If you DARE!)


There again, just to clarify, I'm referring to butts of the female variety (although I guess I can say that Magic Mike fella looks like he might have a nice ass, amirite, ladies!).

Chicks with tats.

Just like chicks with hairy pits, tattooed chicks aren't every guy's cup of tea. But, as they say, different strokes for different folks (emphasis on strokes!)!

Jennifer Love Hewitt in pretty much anything.

I've, of course, posted MANY times about Jennifer Love Hewitt and about my, uh-hum, affection for her, especially when she's doing THIS.


Twins can reach places that one chick can't. (Not that I've actually tested that theory out, though, of course, I sure would LIKE to!)

Hot chicks swapping spit.

Mmmm . . . hot chicks swapping spit! (BTW, that previous gif was of Riley Reid again.)

Hot chicks blasting one in the pool.

Frankly, pretty much anything having to do with a hot chick's backside I'm all for! Except, of course, if it has to do with a #2. (Again, that rhymed!)

And, of course, monkeys.

Yes, monkeys. Especially those of the "spanking" variety, if you know what I mean (and, like always, I believe you do, you pervs!)!

And, oh yeah, Elvira's huge pumpkins.

And, once again, when I say Elvira's pumpkins I REALLY mean her big-ass cleavage. (But, then again, you knew THAT one already, didn't you , you pervs!).

Now, for anyone who'd call me "sexist" for posting this piece, here's another, uh-hum, look at that Magic Mike fella.

Horny, uh, I mean happy, ladies?

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